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Friends FAQ

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by Bennunator, 5 Apr 2017.

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  1. Bennunator

    Bennunator Moderator

    3 Apr 2017
    How do I add a friend?

    Tap their name in the chat, result screen of a battle, boat in the hub, or name in the leaderboard. Then tap "add friend". You can also share your Player Tag to a friend who can then find and add you through the “search players” button. You can find your Player Tag from your profile.

    How do I accept friend invites?

    If you have a friend invite, you will see a notification in the mailbox in your hub. Tap the "accept" button to add the player to your friends list.

    How do I start a chat with a friend?

    Tap their name in your friends list and a chat window will appear.

    How do I know if my friend is online?

    If the friend is online they will have a green circle next to their avatar and an orange one if they are battling. If it's red, they are offline.

    How do I remove friends?

    Tap a friend and tap "remove friend" in the popup window.
    Last edited: 21 Nov 2017
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