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Fixers battle bay story.

Discussion in 'The World of Battle Bay' started by Undead fixer, 25 Dec 2018.

  1. Undead fixer

    Undead fixer Active Member

    5 Nov 2018
    The story that's starts out a new fixer that had high skill but he didn't know yet he had great fixing skills and dmg but such low hp! But did he give up NO he show loyalty to his friends and everyone that was on his team.
    Before a thing called guild quests even Existed no one didn't seen this coming!
    p.s I'm not very good with English soooo I'm sorry hope you enjoy!.
    Part 1 a fixer is Born!.
    *TFF* wow battle bay! Can't wait what it's like something new to try out something Different!! :). Went into first battle..
    *woah the ad didn't lied you can actually move and shoot what is this red ship I'm on?? Doesn't matter but I need to win my first game. *As I moved in my very first battle of cause it was easy as pie but I was very new and didn't know what was going on...
    *TFF* my first win ever that battle was awesome! Plus 3 starS what does stars do?
    As I looked at the ships.
    *TFF* woah these ships looks so awesome!! Shooter defender speeder enforcer and fixer??
    . So I tried out different from setups as the slots were completely different back then.
    So I went fixer for the very first time as shooter wasn't the role for me. I *TFF* fixer you the only ship I haven't tried yet please be the ship for me.... ..wents into battle..
    Saw Mk 2s and 3s but it didn't stopped me one bit.
    *TFF* damn those people in there ships do alot of dmg we are already one down
    *Team mate* Help Me!!! *TFF* I'm coming hang on!. As our team mates tanked so much dmg that they were already Smoking making their ships move slower.
    *starts healing the team as everyone got into the pulses range.
    *TTF* guys stay with me I can help
    *Other team mate*
    You? You just a mk one with uncommons you can't heal! *TFF that doesn't matter we are in the line of fire and I'm trying to do my best if you listen follow me we should go too the Capture area! We have some mines to keep them out its the only way we can win this battle if you guys do I can heal you just enough Hp!.
    All team mates agreed and Followed to the Capture But...
    One of the team mates run into deadly mine and almost kill me and one of the team mates.
    *Team mate* Aghhhh!!! My ship is going to get sunked into the water!
    *TFF* I get hit as well but I'm trying to heal but they have mines as well stick together guys make sure be careful.
    Unfriendly team knew we were Capturing they rushed to stop us but then. BOOM! That one mine destroyed half of their team and we opened fire causing the unfriendly team losing
    Both of the teams were very weak but the match was over before anyone Noticed.
    *TFF* we did it we won! Great work team!
    Nice shooting.
    *Team mates* yeah you didn't do bad TheFriendlyFixer 3k heals with that one uncommon pulse very great *TFF thank you my first time playing a fixer.
    *Team mate* wow your first time?!
    We could fleet if you went. *TFF* sure man can't wait!
    *TFD Oh yeah what's your name?
    *Team Mate* my name is Fast Swift.
    *TFF* nice too meet you Fast Swift!
    *Fast Swift* it's nice to meet you too my friend.

    Hoped you guys enjoyed this I didn't get too do much story telling but this is kinda made up idk
    But I wanted to do it because I ever get to tell stories and I just want put a smile on someones face just want to show some love back. Tho my name in the Story is TFF because my name is too long have a great one peeps!

    Part 2 Coming soon they turned for more! Make sure to Tag me if you want in my story! :)
  2. Undead fixer

    Undead fixer Active Member

    5 Nov 2018
    I have an feeling this won't go well lol
  3. Undead fixer

    Undead fixer Active Member

    5 Nov 2018
    Let the hate Begin bois.
    Ovidmikel likes this.
  4. Ovidmikel

    Ovidmikel Active Member

    3 Aug 2017
    I very much enjoyed it thanx for writing
    Whats wrong with all you posters out there . show your support .
  5. AntiHero

    AntiHero Active Member

    10 Apr 2018
    I read little about the story and decided to like anyway.
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  6. Redneck Messiah

    Redneck Messiah Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2018
    Damage Depot
    Ahh, the good old days... the mark system, the original 5, looking at every map and item as a completely new thing to learn instead of just "chill zone again? Bruh" or "meh... a long range mortar. Nothing new or interesting there..."

    To this day, a certain loading music in the queue screen gives me intense nostalgia pangs. Not sure how to describe it without sounding retarded, but it used to be the only queue-up music... kinda sounded country I guess. Anyways, nostalgia. Bye noobs! ;)
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