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[Feedback & suggestions] - Guilds

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by *Rubber Duck*, 30 Sep 2017.

  1. yellowocean

    yellowocean Well-Known Member

    13 Apr 2017
    yeah, would be nice if guild leaders/officers have access to player stats like battles played per day, last login time, recent win/kill % (past 14 and/or 30 days), average damage/heals per battle,
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    BRUTIAS New Member

    5 Nov 2018
    Guild Banners and Officer Chat please!
    Banners would give guild members more of a sense of belonging and would really offer a guild more of an identity.

    Officer chat would make managing a guild much easier and more fluid. Allowing officers to also feel more involved.

    Also- gifting a member a care package. I personally want to be able to send players who perform well gifts. This would help greatly to incentivise them to stay in guild and you make money off players.
    Win Win.

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