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Event is just trash

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Undead fixer, 11 Jan 2019.

  1. Undead fixer

    Undead fixer Active Member

    5 Nov 2018
    Honestly wtf honestly just that my team and unfriendly team just dying every 10 seconds no damn joke because of the ships!
    Devs what is going into your minds you are becoming brainless sorry for being toxic but enough is ENOUGH!
    I can't stand being around this game like I used too back 2017!
    This is a new year and it's already starting off Badly I'm near quitting!

    Lol lots of reasons
    Used to be fine but devs ruined by mks back in the day and items in low infamy Way over powered..
    They used to be fine but there was so much seal clubbing about legendary pieces and leggy perks instead of doing something about it they added levels and they got rid of leggy pieces
    And made epic and leggy Perks almost IMPOSSIBLE.
    look idkw anymore the game has lost its way it was about skill that's why I'm here in the first place and you devs know what you are doing but it changed did it honestly I just lost hope for the game and you devs and I ever seen half of the mods online Lmao
    Welp off to fortnite..
  2. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
    You know event are optional? If you don't feel like playing events, there are 2 other gamemodes.

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