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DEVS: Legendary Sniper Cannon Perk gives what!?!?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by LuxuryLiner, 17 Nov 2018.

  1. LuxuryLiner

    LuxuryLiner Member

    30 May 2018
    WHY would you make a sniper cannon perk NOT give players 7.5% to critical ratio!...that is the whole point of a sniper cannon otherwise it's useless..pfft 12% damage to burning enemies and -8% cooldown=what a joke

    All legendary sniper cannon perks NEED to give 7.5% to critical ratio! That is the whole point of it having any chance of doing more than the crappy DPS it does without crits! Please change the burning damage or the cooldown to 7.5% PLEASE.

    I was honestly expecting the four legendary sniper cannon perks that would come out to be some of these:
    7.5% crits +8% damage
    7.5% crits -8% cooldown
    7.5% crits +12% range
    7.5% crits +13% projectile speed
    7.5% crits +12% damage to burning enemies
    7.5% crits +4.5 crits
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  2. Fish

    Fish Well-Known Member

    31 Aug 2017
    I think for most who already have enough +7.5% crit perks these event perks are equivalent to a little pot of gold. But for people who don’t have a full snipers worth of the good perks yet, these will be useful until they do and have 100 pearls to remove them :(

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