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Developer Ethic Rules of Engagment with Players

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by *JAWS*, 25 Oct 2017.

  1. *JAWS*

    *JAWS* Well-Known Member

    13 Oct 2017
    Hello Developers. This post is in suggestion to help your team do better at implementation of new ideas, changes to game mechanics and any punitive measures your actions bring to the game.

    1) Communicate. Simple. But your team multiple times doesn't use the in game email for changes. Start. Immediately. A one week notice to all changes. This is smart. Everyone can follow what your desires are.

    2) Stop all rollback punitive actions immediately. Your latest action without notice took 42k tokens from nearly half the gaming community. This isn't practical. You will make paying players leave. And loose community goodwill. You need to refund all tokens immediately. You viloted ethics rule one.
    3) don't blame players for lack of foresight in coding or game mechanics. If you didn't think of an Idea and a player learns to make it work for them. It's not on the player. It's on you the developers. Reality is. DEVELOPERS....most of u only use speeder or enforcer. Non use defender, fixer, shooter. You don't play this enough to figure out the issues. Your player community is your stress testing. Fact.
    So stop punishing them for doing the in game fact finding. What if u decide that frost has become so OP. Are u gonna take everyone's frost cannon and frost launcher? NO. BUT developers. You have done this action in the rollback and now with the tokens.
    4) absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    This is a famous saying worldwide.
    Why not try ruling with a light touch instead of a hammer? Currently Battle Bay has made your Rovio team Millions and pays your salaries. PLAYERS made you that money by paying for items in the game. Don't upset the paying community. I can tell u as a paying community. This latest token stripping. Comes of as chintzy and like you guys are winging moves. Flying by the seat of your pants while coming off. BROKE. Broke financially and Broken spiritualy. Your not broke. So stop hammering players with decisions. And start getting in touch with the spirit of your playing community. To have fun. And to enjoy this game. The exploit witch hunt has now shown a power issue with development team. And it's not pretty. U guys hammer. When u should finesse.

    Try rewarding people. Instead of punishing. Try fixing issues. And not punishing. Try communicating and not punishing.
    Don't fall into the action trap.
    Your too reactive now in a negative way.
  2. guykakin

    guykakin Member

    14 Apr 2017
    Try rewarding people. Instead of punishing... agree
    so people found an exploit that devs didn't anticipate... big deal. laugh it off, realize that players are savvy and help develop the game by finding exploits, glitches., metas etc, fix the problem and move on
  3. Help I Cant Swim

    Help I Cant Swim MVP

    25 Oct 2017
    Bet they delete this thread.
  4. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    I agree. Lack of communication and lack of testing updates so even the innocent get punished

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