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Defender - Buff it or scrap it but do finish the issue

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by JediKnight1968, 12 Sep 2018.

  1. JediKnight1968

    JediKnight1968 Active Member

    23 Jul 2018
    Hi Defender user here (whyyyyy you will say - I just like the idea of being the big burly guard of the team).
    So anyone who uses Defender know pros and cons but lets list them for conversations sake.
    • Large (can throw a little pebble from the moon and still hit it)
    • Slow speed (I just saw a turtle pass me by)
    • Slow turret (little better for a while but they "fixed it" real quickly)
    • Slow turning (little better for a while but they "fixed it" too like turret)
    • Low on guns (MK5 has 3 slots)
    • Lots of blue slots (therefore shields with the perks that come with them)
    • Larger health (Defender MK5 3900 vs Shooter MK5 2300)
    • Larger number of Defense points
    So they scrapped the gear lube and rudder and raised the turning and turret speed for all!!!
    Like speeder needed more agility or enforcer needed more turret speed than what they had, but still made our lives a little easier although a lot of people and rightly so say they had more agility and turret with the items they scrapped.

    So down to business. You chose Defender for the pros (health-defense) and learned to live with the cons.
    But they introduced Gatling Gun (15 shots, small damage) that then changed so that it does direct damage ignoring defense points.
    So they created a gun that in essence ignores one of the few basic Pros of this ship and makes it a Defender killer (like we didn't get enough hits as it is)

    Speeders, Enforcers, Fixers wont see a difference because they already had low defense points. But many Defenders (more than shooters) pick defense perks in order to be able to participate in a battle actively. Large and slow means you get hit a lot so you need to maximize health and minimize damage (lots of shields, lots of defense perks)

    example Defender has a base defense points of 40. If you add three epic defense perks per shield and have three shields you have (3 x 9 =27 x 3 =81 more defense points) meaning a total of 121 defense points. This means if I get hit by a Blaster cannon with 800 damage I get 680 but if I get hit by a GG I get 800. Imagine that they told you that every time you get hit from a certain weapon you get a hundred or more damage point MORE away than you should what would you do and multiply it by 6-7 shots (as the gun gets more popular in a game) and you get 800 more damage than before (there goes away the second pro of Defender, health)

    When a Speeder, Enforcer, Fixer, Shooter gets hit with a GG it wont see a big difference and wont lose a pro that it has either it be speed,agility lots of guns etc etc
    When a Defender Gets hit with a GG it doesn't have the PRO of defense or health anymore so hes not a DEFENDER anymore.

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  2. SlayerofSergeants

    SlayerofSergeants Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2018
    Just a heads up, defender defense is capped at 100.

    Also, don't use defense perks if you have hp perks to install instead. Defense is just a garbage stat. It's straight up useless against the heavy hitting stuff.
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  3. ChickenSurprise

    ChickenSurprise Active Member

    13 May 2017
    Healing you up
    I do agree that defender nerds tweaking but if the battling gun didn't ignore defence it would be a peashooter dealing 10 damage to shooters and none to defenders.
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  4. SeaNavy

    SeaNavy Well-Known Member

    31 Mar 2018
    It could still take a different approach rather than completely ignoring defense.

    P.S, to op, Defender has the second most weapon slots in the game, so I wouldn't consider low weapons a con.
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  5. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe Moon's haunted

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    I agree, even ignoring defense hasn't made much of a change to the Gat's relevance in the meta. Sure it's fun to play. But conflicting its talents with a weapon that HALF OF NIGHTMARE uses?
    Well, guess what. NMLs don't like it. At all.

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