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Custom Battle FAQ

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by Bennunator, 19 Dec 2017.

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  1. Bennunator

    Bennunator Moderator

    3 Apr 2017
    What is a Custom Battle:

    In a Custom Battle, you can invite friends and guild mates by creating your own game. Challenge your friend to a 1 vs 1 battle or do it the old fashioned way 5 vs 5 – or any combination. 1 vs 5? Sure!

    How do I create a Custom Battle:

    You can find the Custom Battle button from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of your screen. Tapping that creates a lobby and you can start inviting players to join. You can invite a maximum of five players to each team and a maximum of five players to spectate the battle.

    Can I choose a specific map?

    Yes, you can either make the map selection random or choose it yourself. You can pick the map by tapping the question mark that says “random map” by default.

    Do I get rewards and gain infamy from a custom battle?

    No, you do not receive rewards or gain infamy from these battles.

    How can I move players around?

    The host of the Custom Battle can drag a player either to the other team or to be a spectator.

    Are there any infamy limitations?

    No, it is up to the host to make sure the battle is fair and fun.

    Can everyone replay the battle?

    Yes, except regular spectators. When you are the host and spectate you can replay the battle along with everyone who took part in the match.
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