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Community Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by The Grim Repair, 24 Apr 2019.

  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017
    Dear captains of the bay,

    I am sure a lot of you have been waiting for a while to hear news about the game and what is in store next!

    Good news is that developers have been pouring all their oil and sweat into the gears and motors of the Battle Bay machinery which is VERY SOON resulting in a new update coming your way! I know you’ve been waiting patiently and impatiently so be sure to look forward to new cool content rocking your boats!

    In other news, we also are making a few changes to the current community interactions and platforms we have been using so far, here is what is going to happen starting today:

    • Forums will be “read only” mode from now on. What that means is that you can read posts we make, like for instance patchnotes and other announcements, but there is no way to comment or create threads any longer. You will also be able to read past threads and topics.

    • With that change there is no longer a need for forum moderation, which is why I would like to thank our MVPs for all their hard work, fire fighting, tear drying, salt mine closing and generally awesome attitude and relentless love for our community they have shown in the past year! I salute you captains Caffeinated Chris, Ash Kot, TheAntiSnipe, HelpICantSwim - safe sailings!

    • We will no longer support the Discord server “Battle Bay: The Toobers” and discontinue both our presence there as well as the link in game. So far, there are no plans to create an official Battle Bay Discord server. We are definitely grateful for all the passion put into the sharing and interacting there!

    • Active community moderators in the game: there will be for the time being no more active moderators in the game that we support or that have any kind of moderation abilities. I am very thankful towards all their support, feedback and unwavering dedication to help make our in game chat environment feel more fun to be in. :)
      There will still be active chat filters, the reporting function (please use it ;)) and our Support team is as always dealing with those and can be contacted.

      Healing hearts for all of you brave helping hands: Ash Kot, Desiré, Warhawk, CaffeinatedChris, American Marauder, Sascha and others - thank you so much <3

    Last but not least - it has been my pleasure and honor to serve all of you as Community Manager and most importantly fellow battler! I will be leaving the Battle Bay community as CM but still lurk in the murky waters of the bay now and then ;)
    I will be moving on to other projects that I am very excited about and wish everyone a great journey and happy battling going forward!

    With all those changes, the main focus of the dev team is running the game for you guys so stay tuned for more updates on that front!

    Good fight, good night! Grim over and out. ~~
    Last edited by a moderator: 5 May 2019

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