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Chat Room for Custom Battles

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Nicolas, 19 Apr 2018.

  1. Nicolas

    Nicolas Well-Known Member

    24 Nov 2017
    To make it easier for players to communicate and indicate what they need or want from the admin of these custom battles. I mean that many times players in the same custom match have to search on what chat room their friends are talking. In addition, other players are on the wrong chat room, so they don't know what their friends decided. Using these custom chat rooms will help them to communicate and to reduce the time wasted when the admin have to go and talk to each one of them in private.
    More over it will be more preferable if players also can create their own chat room.
    Last edited: 20 Apr 2018

    HAPPY SITHSHA Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2018
    A Place that u could never imagine :P
    Yeah.This is the feature needed for Custom Battles now. +1
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  3. DaveRay35

    DaveRay35 Active Member

    18 Jun 2017
    A million likes. My guild family have to resort to discord to communicate during our regular custom sessions
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