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Carronade Needs MAJOR Buff Update, No Damage to High Defense shields

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by ScurvySteve, 24 Jul 2017.

  1. ScurvySteve

    ScurvySteve New Member

    24 Jul 2017
    There are major flaws with the Carronade. Most serious is that when going up against shielded enemies with lots of points to Defense, the Carronade does zero damage. The Defense perk takes damage points away from attacks. If someone has more Defense points than my Carronade had Damage points then I litterally do zero damage. 30 points to Defense means a cannon that does 200 points damage only does 170 points of damage when the target with 30 Defense is hit. But a Carronade that does 30 x 5 points of damage will effectively do 0 damage because the Defense perk applies to each of the 5 Carronade shells.

    Aside from the Defense perk drastically handicapping the Carronade, the overall power of its attack is too small to warrant using a weapon with an attack distance that is so limited. It should work like a shotgun in other games and do massive damage up close. Instead, we are left with a spitball shooter. The overall damage should be at least doubled, if not tripled or quadrupled.

    Please address these issues. Thank you.
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  2. Shooter@Bay

    Shooter@Bay Active Member

    10 Jul 2017
    It's about 11% stronger than cannon and 11% weaker than sniper cannon, which is completely unjustified. These are even without considering the defense points. Range, projectile speed is shorter. Plus, the defense points trouble. Still, it is not much stronger than these two cannons. The range is so short that it can be used only in the last resort. I ditched a carronade long ago. But, it has lots of crew training available, if you are not a speeder, then you can easily add crew training for it.
  3. Stelmo

    Stelmo Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    Quadruple it, absolutely. Speeders running around with 2 carros hitting 4500 every 2 seconds is exactly what I feel like dealing with.
  4. The Afenogaster

    The Afenogaster Well-Known Member

    31 Jul 2017
    Bbay player / free time artist.
    Madrid, Spain
    The Shotgun Idea is not bad but if it does that much damage it should have a lot more reload time, instead swift can have a 15% more shield penetration thing or something

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