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Event Cap' or Kill!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by The Grim Repair, 15 Jun 2018.

  1. StrictSalmon307

    StrictSalmon307 Well-Known Member

    31 Dec 2017
    Professional student
    Yes, you can.
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  2. TVNPryde

    TVNPryde Well-Known Member

    8 Jun 2017
    First of all, the devs need to separate the post battle calculations for TDM and normal battle. It's not that hard.

    There should be a cap that if you died more than 40% of the times or more than 4 deaths, you should be in that penalty. How do you die 5 times in a 3 minutes battle? Since coins have a wider range from 0 to 10, make wins mean a bit more. Set the max you can win coins in a loss is 4 or 5 and minimum coins of 7 for a battle win. At a 50% win rate, people are getting about 5-6 coins per battle now.
  3. Miika

    Miika Game Lead

    29 Mar 2017
    The matchmaking does not use infamy to determine the matches you play in in events. It has *never* done that. Yes, it's trying to make sure you don't ruin games for genuinely lower level players by manipulating your fit. But infamy plays absolutely zero role in that.
  4. fragglelator

    fragglelator Active Member

    30 Sep 2017
    Still in two minds about this event, haven't had the time to play as much as I would have liked over the weekend. Initially, I thought the Matchmaking was not working well as my Mk4 Enforcer was being matched against unfriends who were Mk5/6 and ended up losing probably 80% of my matches.
    Then I switched to my regular Mk5 Shooter and again was matched up with Mk5/6 unfriends. Battles were closer although still lost a high percentage of them.
    Yesterday evening, gave my Mk4 Enforcer another run, and this time round, was matched with more consistency as the Unfriends were majority Mk4s with one or two Mk3s and Mk5s here and there – similiar to the matchups in the first two events. Still didn't win as many matches but they were all really, really close losses like just 1 kill more.
    Haven't managed to collect that many BattleCoins so may keep them for next event.
  5. Capt. Avendaño

    Capt. Avendaño New Member

    16 Jun 2018
    They just added some pay option yo battle coins come on...i hope u fix that soon Rovio it's annoying not getting pearls on battles
  6. *JAWS*

    *JAWS* Well-Known Member

    13 Oct 2017

    I agree with this. These perks should not be able to be bought. And it's lame that people can spend money to get ahead towards legendary perk. Events are for battle rewards. Ie. U win it thru battling.

    What's next devs....do we need players to buy trophies they never won or fought for?

    Logically this is flawed. U can make money this way. But why not sell the perks in shop the traditional method. Keep events rewards only to fighting for it in the event. Don't cheapen the experience by making it a pay to own this perk nonsense. Degrades the game.
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  7. Y0ur_Fath3r

    Y0ur_Fath3r Member

    14 Jun 2018
    Guys.....Guys don't be angry its easy to get legendary perk. I already have 2 epic 1 legendary 2 rare and 2 uncommon perks from event! :)
  8. Y0ur_Fath3r

    Y0ur_Fath3r Member

    14 Jun 2018
    And..... i never spent any money. I actually used a mk3 boat when i am actually mk4 and put tier3 weps on it. Those other mk3 were running for their lifes! XD
  9. Nam_Nam

    Nam_Nam Active Member

    8 Jan 2018
    Okay, chill. Let’s be rational :D.

    We need something that penalizes for deaths. I propose simply taking damage dealt divided by deaths (plus one! We CANNOT divide by zero :confused:). Easy!

    In Kitterini’s case, you would have gotten 13620/(0+1) = 13620.

    Said suiciders would have gotten (I’m gonna take an average because IDK the individual stats) (15803+13994+12091+10157)/4 ~ 13011. This is the average damage. Now, we’ll assume each player died 2 times, so we divide 13011 by (2+1) which is 13011/3 = 4337. Oh dear.....:eek:
  10. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017
    That would mean that one death would halve your rewards. That sounds a bit extreme, and kind of unfair on boats that aren’t as robust.

    Half the fun of TDM is being able to respawn after death, but if each death halves your rewards, then it would make a single death almost worse than a loss. Two deaths and you might as well stop playing entirely.

    I think everyone on the team should be allowed at least one free death, maybe two. If you die three times or more, then you’re probably giving points away too easily, but again, if your team wins, or you are getting a lot of kills then it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re playing badly.

    In the last event I had a few games on Chill Zone where I died multiple times trying to ‘stop capture’, and part of the reason for that is because there were three unfriends in the capture zone, and none of my team seemed to even be paying attention, or trying to help me. They seemed to be under the impression that you could just launch an LRM at 90% and stop it, but of course that’s far too little too late. If we then lose by capture (which we did), was I really the worst player?

    I think we need to be very careful about penalising deaths, especially when there are alternative win conditions.
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  11. Kitterini

    Kitterini Well-Known Member

    5 Apr 2017
    There needs to be some balance between rewarding trying to win and focusing on personal gains. Right now its play selfish or stay home.

    Clearly winning is the superior metric for whether you did a good job in a teambased game, but people are selfcentered beyond belief so that created a shitstorm. At the end of the day all that matters in a teamsport is winning/losing, and you do that as a team. Once you go into trying to quantify personal contribution its becomes incredibly tricky to find a meaningful balance. Its much simpler to reward people on whether their efforts worked (i.e. winning) or failed (i.e. losing), nothing inbetween matters (but you still get stars, gold and sugar based upon it).
    The obvious flaw in using a damage only matters contribution metric in gamemodes with free respawning is that Fixers become obsolete. @Miika can we have stats at boat usage in events? (Preferably just mk6/7, but Ill take whatever).
  12. Elvis

    Elvis New Member

    1 Jun 2017
    [QUOTE = "The Grim Repair, post: 150210, membro: 13052"] Caros Battlers!

    Junte-se à batalha para o evento desta semana "Cap 'or Kill"!
    Aqui está uma visão geral do que você pode esperar:
    • O evento será executado a partir de 15.6. 14:00 UTC até 18.6. 2pm UTC
    • Os principais objetivos são: ou você ganha por capturar ou a equipe com mais mortes em 3 minutos leva a vitória!
      O que há de novo: o Capture não redefine o dano!
    • Você ganha até 10 moedas durante cada batalha, que você pode gastar em nossas caixas de eventos.
    • Quando o evento terminar, você ainda terá tempo para gastar suas moedas ganhas
    • Quaisquer moedas não utilizadas serão guardadas para o próximo evento baseado em moedas
    Divirta-se e lute com orgulho!

    Q & A:

    As minhas moedas são transferidas para o próximo evento?
    - Sim, você pode gastar moedas ganhas por um tempo após o término do evento e as moedas remanescentes ficarão com você até o próximo evento.

    Quantas moedas recebo por ganhar por captura?
    - A quantidade de moedas que você recebe por uma vitória de captura é determinada pela sua contribuição para a captura.

    Como as moedas contam para a contribuição do lendário peito 0/900?
    - Só gastando moedas você vai ganhar contribuição para o baú lendário. Acumular moedas não vai ajudar. Então, digamos que você tem 1080 moedas não gastas, você tem que gastá-las nos outros baús todas as vezes, para ganhar uma contribuição no peito lendária.

    Quaisquer outras perguntas - por favor poste abaixo! [/CITAR]
    Nao gostei. Tempo está curto e é preciso muitas moedas para se conseguir a lendária.
  13. - Oskar -

    - Oskar - Well-Known Member

    27 Jun 2017
    serious leg perks to buy ... ¿? but not in the raffle :confused:
  14. ZeroNegativo

    ZeroNegativo Member

    1 Jul 2017
    Does anyone knows if unspent coins could be used for next event?
  15. American Marauder

    American Marauder Well-Known Member

    10 Jun 2017
    CEO of The Skins Factory
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    I thought it was a great event. Again.
  16. Sewah

    Sewah Well-Known Member

    14 May 2017
    My main n secondary account got useless perk all the time in tdm, what a waste of time.

    Although it's a waste of time (getting useless perk) it's also satisfying killing more than 5 unfriendly.

    There should be TDM, everyone fighting everyone.

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  17. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Thank you for the confirmation. Matchmaking was an adventure this time around. I have some examples that I will post in a more detailed review of this event, one of which is where I was an MK2 matched with 8 MK7's and an MK6... in that case Gear Score was off by 4400 points between the sides while Infamy was only off by 216 points. I couldn't tell which was used... was it Infamy balancing because it was so close, or was it Gear Score balancing, which wasn't nearly as close? Apparently it was Gear Score.

    All in all I think the Cap-or-Kill format was the best yet. As much as I have complained about Matchmaking along the way, I actually enjoyed being occasionally matched with (or against) anyone in the Bay, and that should continue with some tweaks for safety. The event was successful as any imbalances ultimately went both ways over the course of the weekend and overall I felt reasonably successful... Losing one match with Waveblower on my team, and winning another with BlackTail is balance, right? :)
  18. MatthewNGBA

    MatthewNGBA Member

    4 Apr 2018
    Fix the high levels using weak boats, just had 1 player on other team score 11 kills and hes lvl 47... 17 lvls higher than me... most of the games i play dont even have 11 kills on 1 team alone
  19. *JAWS*

    *JAWS* Well-Known Member

    13 Oct 2017
    Gear score foremost is what used for events.

    Miika quotes on this And previous 2 events have stated infamy doesn't determine starting 10 players.

    But..... here is the fine print.
    He has also.stated that it was used for determing side: who becomes Team A and Team B. So have others. And it's been seen in battle that certain top players dropped infamy to get easier deathmatches. It worked. To what degree? But still has been a factor.
    And other devs have said mk. Ship has played a role also in Team A or B. As seen when a player uses a mk2 ship to get easy matches. This is a small factor also.

    It's first its. all Gear core for starting 5vs5 chosen once battle button is hit. Then during that minute algorithms which developers keep adjust slant the Team A and Team B choice also off of infamy and mk. Boat.

    What percentage role this is...verses only gear score?

    Not said. And I doubt they will ever reveal the matchmaking algorithm so no one here can manipulate it.

  20. Master Ry

    Master Ry New Member

    13 May 2018
    Hi devs, um is there another coin based event after this boosted event? And will i still be able to use the remaining coins i have?

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