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Can someone tell me why

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by DirtyRickyGrimes, 29 Oct 2017.

  1. DirtyRickyGrimes

    DirtyRickyGrimes Member

    6 Jun 2017
    Why have there no been no changes to the matchmaking code to prevent obvious infamy droppers/ floaters from matching with people who are actually trying to play. I'm locked with mk3 while I'm leveling up still, and consistently up against people who have dropped/ are intentionally staying low / floating. If anyone has over say 10,20, 50 reports of floating, they should only play floaters or people who have dropped in infamy. There should not be match after match with mk5s that have played 2k battles, against people that are under level 20, with mk3s, or mk2s. I've seen defense of how the matchmaking is not designed towards overall strength, or other factors, but in special cases, why can't you search for certain criteria, or if certain account have been reported X amount of times, then they get different matchmaking code. Looking for actual answers, not just theories please. Because it is frustrating to any new player at this point. If you need any help suggestions, just ask.

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