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Any reason to upgrade Turbo beyond max?

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by reptilian_brain, 25 Feb 2019.

  1. reptilian_brain

    reptilian_brain New Member

    5 Sep 2018
    I have LVL40 epic and LVL1 legendary Turbos.

    It seems that LVL-40 Epic with just 3 epic perks provides enough speed bonus to max out any ship.
    Moreso - LVL1 legendary Turbo with 2 epic perks & 1 rare perk applied seems to already provide enough speed bonus to max out any ship.
    At the same time LVL-1 legendary Turbo with perks has 943 Gear score and LVL40 Epic & 3 E-perks has 1106 Gear score

    I am assuming if I can get maximum speed bonus with lower gear score it makes no sense to use the item with the higher gear score.

    I am ok moving the items on and off the current ships, so besides the minor convenience of not doing it when i change ships, it seems like I should just keep the Legendary Turbo with its perks and scrap the LVL-40 Epic Turbo and get a ton of resources etc.

    Is there any reason to NOT scrap the LVL-40 epic Turbo and sell the extra Epic perks?
  2. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Roll the dice.. but my money is on keeping both for the following reasons:

    1: HCTDM. Multiple ships require multiple turbos
    2: Maybe in the future devs adjust Turbo to require upgrading it beyond Epic 40.
    3: Maybe the devs get rid of Turbo, and if so would allow transmuting it into another blue item
    4: Lower Gear Score of Legendary is generally a better choice.
    5: Upgrading the Epic will allow you to use more ship HP perks in place of the turbo perks. The cost will be GS though.

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