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About Defender & Gameplay

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Der.oberst, 3 Apr 2019.

  1. Der.oberst

    Der.oberst New Member

    3 Apr 2019
    Im play defender when the game was begin ! Now played 2 years , only play defender main ship. But gameplay now so hard to play with def. After removed all Captain talents update, I was try my best to climb, highest 4k8 infamy with def 11500 gearscore.

    But today after 1 serie lose matchs, from 4k down to 3k7 infamy, game system thought i throw the match, and if win the match i cannot reward stars. How can i win if they give me serie matchs with stupid team, early game have one stupid ship were sink after 20 seconds. 4 vs5 with unf friend team have fixer now impossible ( only hope they dead by mines )

    So I saw fixer ship items now not balance, repair bolt cooldown very very fast., every one play fixer to climb top. My Defender use combo 1 carronade + 2 EC, after 1 turn shot same dmg of the Fixer 's 2 bolts heal their ship.

    1 slot teal item useless for defender, cannons now more easy to crit shot so 21k HP ( no bandage ) not enough for rush, 0 base defense armor

    Hope BB team have a new change for defender, fix the Fixer ship ( or heal items ) and help fix my reward stars
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  2. Su-57

    Su-57 Well-Known Member

    20 Nov 2018
    you are much more experienced player you know better . but as i see most of defenders use this kind of setup which mostly make defender play in a way , where they need to battle close range .

    Last battle i had in casual where one defender and i was left as shooter . and unfriendly had 2 shooters and a fixer . i knew that we can win because my setup was working good one shooter and fixer both reach half hp so few more shots were needed to sink any one of both to make it 2v2 battle . but defender left me and he moved toward unfriendly . he was full hp but it took few second they sinked him then i was left alone against 3 players .

    if defender use their hp as main advantage and use a setup which work from distance so they don't have to stay almost at front then they can stay alive till end of the battle and make much more difference .

    because there are some defenders i see on regular bases , they use same kind of setup as yours but most of the time i see they have to battle from close range and need to just run into unfriendly boat . the may kill one boat and survived but they left with low hp and then became easy target .

    you are more experienced and i know you play in different style then them but have you thought about using a setup which let you play from a distance not too much far still from distance .
  3. JoshW

    JoshW Well-Known Member

    17 Aug 2018
    Have you tried dueling in your defender?
    It's high hp pool makes it great for dueling then you can fall back to Regen any up lost.
    I'd consider dropping the carronade as duel explosives are already a great at close range. Maybe swap it out for a mid-long range weapon so all 3 are effective at the same range. Personally id go standard cannon for it's long(ish) range and low cd
  4. Der.oberst

    Der.oberst New Member

    3 Apr 2019
    Captain talents and removed captain talents !!
    And now i think Def play for fun in Casual !

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  5. SlayerofSergeants

    SlayerofSergeants Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2018
    Speaking to my defender experience, I played defender exclusively for about a year and a half. I've given up because the ship is simply crippled and not capable of being useful at high level play.
    You are correct that HP is main advantage but it melts quick. Whether we play up close or far away, we are a BIG, slow target. Defenders are at a great disadvantage when playing at a distance as skilled enemies easily hit 95% of their shots against a defender. Compare to firing at any other ship besides guardian who gets a shield. At distance vs a shooter you are likely to land maybe 80%-85% of your sniper/standard shots, and accuracy falls from there vs any other ship.

    This is how defenders play. In the distraction provided by being a big easy target with a large hp pool, defenders count on allies to move in and pick off enemies. Even moreso when facing a group with 1 or more fixers. They can easily retreat from range of the defender and heal up unless the defender charges in. The defender has learned from experience that if you don't take them down fast, you don't take them down at all.
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