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50/50 win /lose

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Mundungous, 10 Jan 2018.

  1. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    I don't think Battle Bay cares about low infamy players, they set mk2s against mk5/6s. That's why the game gets few new long-term players
  2. Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior Well-Known Member

    26 Sep 2017
    Interesting, when you win, it's on you, when you lose, it's on Rovio :eek::eek::eek: I'll adopt this crazy mantra as well :rolleyes::D:p
  3. nuoni

    nuoni Member

    15 Dec 2017
    You don't have a 50/50 win loss ratio
    Because if you did, you would be at 0 infamy exactly.

    Net battles that you won is your infamy divided by 24

    If you played 10k battles, won 5k and you are at 3.6k infamy, then you lost 4850 battles and tied on 150 battles.
    Last edited: 12 Jan 2018
  4. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017
    It’s not always 24, it changes depending on the difficulty of the battles.

    At lower infamy there are more opponents, so is easy for matchmaking to find ‘equal’ games, which is why games are usually +/- 23 or 24. Towards Nightmare the player pool is smaller, so the infamy per match can vary more.

    The number of games you need to win (above losses) to get from zero to Nightmare, is actually quite small. I think it’s around 200. Which is fairly negligible compared to the thousands of games required to get there (less than 1%).
    Last edited: 13 Jan 2018
    Rainbow Warrior and TheAntiSnipe like this.
  5. HectorBarbossa

    HectorBarbossa Member

    27 Jul 2017
    Engineering Data Analyst
    okay.. so this game is not competition game, even it is a battle game. ELO rating system will decide you to win or lose.

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