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1k Infamy active players needed

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by April, 22 Nov 2018.

  1. April

    April New Member

    22 Nov 2018
    I just discovered the forum and thought of advertising here since I wasn't getting the desired infamy ranged players by advertising on the game's global chat. So I'm looking for players who:
    • Are ACTIVE
    • Have around 1000 infamy
    • Will stay in the guild for at least 2 rivalries

    Here are the guild details:
    Guild name: Weaponised Dinghies
    Guild tag: [IEATU]
    Here's my details:
    Name : April Ludgate
    Tag: #JZLQLXKY

    My guild is full currently but there are a few inactives who I will have to kick out as soon as I find a replacement fitting my above requirements. Contact me if interested. Cheers!

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