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███ guild reform ███

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by med-sestra, 23 Apr 2019.

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  1. med-sestra

    med-sestra New Member

    30 Sep 2017
    ███ guild reform ███

    ❶ team play gives you a 50% bonus (and not 100%).

    ❷ the game for the selected weapon gives x5 = 500% of the bonus (and not x10 = 1000%).

    ❸ Guilds in which there are no players are automatically deleted and their name becomes free.

    ❹ Guilds that have not done a single job for 4-5 weeks are automatically deleted and their name becomes free.

    ❺ enter a special window where players can search for guilds and guild heads to search for players by setting different parameters and requirements.

    ❻ Increase rewards for 5 or more pages of tasks, or reduce their complexity.

    ❼ The head of the guild receives 25% more rewards, the officer receives 10% more rewards. BUT: only if: completed 25-30 tasks +, (so that there is no speculation)


    ❶ Guild fee: for each completed task the guild will have to pay 2,000 gold each. (1 task = 2000 gold). all members of the guild can pay, if not pay, the lottery is inactive.
    ❷ impeach the head of the guild, in the case when 95% of the guild members press the impeachment button.

    ✠ if you like the idea of supporting like, then the developers will pay attention✠
  2. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Locking this. Your thread in the "Suggestions" area is in the right place though! :)
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