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Comments on Profile Post by Micro

  1. Nikkie!
    @Micro , TheAntiSnipe isn’t the only crew! There are also others, only... I don’t think they like to come here daily XD :~|
    P.S. Do you like the SPAM SQUAD logo?
    20 Apr 2019
  2. Micro
    yes A lot
    20 Apr 2019
  3. Micro
    if you said that they are other crew how many of them and name it
    20 Apr 2019
  4. TheAntiSnipe
    LOL at that. As far as I know, most of the mods who are MVPs seem to stay on the Toobers Discord, and are also quite the busy bunch IRL as well. Also, Grim definitely comes around a lot though she doesn't post much.
    20 Apr 2019
    The Otherguy and Nikkie! like this.
  5. Micro
    Oh ok thx for that and some information.
    21 Apr 2019