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Comments on Profile Post by Bradley Thorinsson

  1. vis1234567899
    Well done. Your are 6 months late. Others figured this out ages ago.
    25 Jun 2018
  2. Bradley Thorinsson
    Bradley Thorinsson
    As a matter of fact, I came about to know of this a good long time ago. In the above comment I was implying that I prefer vis to Da Carronade King, however I'm starting to think otherwise. Hmmm...
    ...perhaps TheFashionGirl is better than the both of you :P
    LOL! who knows *shrug ;)
    25 Jun 2018
  3. HappyUnicorn123
    27 Jun 2018
  4. vis1234567899
    @Bradley Thorinsson I didnt see the sign. It doesnt matter what account you prefer. Plus, I like each account to have its own distinctive style.
    27 Jun 2018
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