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Comments on Profile Post by R4Z0R

  1. R4Z0R
    some i have considered are:

    1 Jun 2018
  2. The Otherguy
    The Otherguy
    is a brutal murderer
    LameDuck123 [ExC] is a brutal murderer
    1 Jun 2018
    HAPPY SITHSHA likes this.
  3. R4Z0R
    lol wut?
    2 Jun 2018
    HAPPY SITHSHA likes this.
  4. StrictSalmon307
    This is probably too late, but you should change it to BuffDude.
    17 Aug 2018
    HAPPY SITHSHA, R4Z0R and The Otherguy like this.
  5. The Otherguy
    The Otherguy
    Or GotBuff(ed)
    1 Sep 2018
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