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Comments on Profile Post by BITTERSTEEL

  1. The Otherguy
    The Otherguy
    "Abstract quote's be the best in the land or on the sea."
    26 Mar 2018
    Help I Can't Swahim likes this.
  2. Bradley Thorinsson
    Bradley Thorinsson
    Hmmm you a big GoT fan?
    That name "Bittersteel"
    That quote...
    It's all from GoT
    22 Jul 2018
    23 Jul 2018
    Nikkie! likes this.
  4. The Otherguy
    The Otherguy
    Congrats Brad lol.

    Whats GoT if I may ask.
    23 Jul 2018
  5. Bradley Thorinsson
    Bradley Thorinsson
    Game of Thrones
    And even that motto of his
    "Beneath the gold, the Bittersteel"
    Is from GoT...
    ...I'm onto you Myshä
    23 Jul 2018
    I’m an asoiaf fan, not a got. The show doesn’t do the books justice at all.
    23 Jul 2018