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4 Apr 2017
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Developer, Male, from Helsinki, Finland

nerf nerf nerf 5 Apr 2017

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19 Oct 2017 at 13:36
    1. sagdrag
      what is this dude my account suspended i invested like 200$to this game no reason supended for maintainance come on
    2. Duck!!
    3. Sir_OzZy
      Why am not getting anystars when i win. And att 19k dmg ive got only 4k gold whats worng
    4. AVID
    5. AVID
      please fix defender in this update... unable to turn nor go speed, easy hitting by enemies...
    6. SALadriel
      :( unban
      unban please
    7. HaLongBay1
      - Can U log into my account name HaLongBay1 And Delete All My Device current in my account pls
      - I Got Hacked and everyday i lose all my weapon over and over and i tried every security and still didn't work at all
    8. *Rubber Duck*
      *Rubber Duck*
      Hey Zeus , idk if u guys have seen the baewatch tournement stuff in the forums but i had a question for u guys about pinning a post of ours to general discusion for the community to find info on it easly as we are trying to do this for the community
      1. *Rubber Duck*
        *Rubber Duck*
        Would that be possible?
        4 Sep 2017
      2. *Rubber Duck*
        *Rubber Duck*
        If there Is a way in can talk to someone directly about it that would be great, in game, email or something.
        4 Sep 2017
    9. Raphael
      Olá Zeus ,queria saber se é possível recuperar meus itens que eu quebrei quando perdi a cabeça. Eu queria muito voltar a jogar . Não queria criar outra conta. Então queria saber se isso é possível repor os itens principais que eu quebrei . Ou então zerar a infâmia pra min conseguir voltar do 0 sem precisar criar outra ACC
    10. SavvasKir
    11. Khalid
      need help Zeus I can't play the game anymore it keeps loading then disconnect by itself... How do I fix this ??????
    12. Seafarer12345
      Hi Zeus. I invited you to look at a thread I made about suggestions that I have. Miika and other administrators are also invited. Could you look at it when you have time? Thanks.
    13. AVID
      i am not getting ads from 3 days..no one responding..
      i am loosing gold...
      i am getting back in training
    14. Dipesh Thapa
      Dipesh Thapa
      It automatically crashed please help
    15. Antonio martinez
      Antonio martinez
      Arregla mi cuenta que está pasando no obtengo estrellas ni oro ni azúcar tengo membresia vip y no me sirve como pido un. Reembolso
      Just wondering when fleeting with 3 people might be a thing because not just me but people have 3 friends, do you also think you could add a game mode to test for 1 week maybe a 3v3 or fleet teams vs each other. Ps love the game and I will keep battling in the bay 4 long time to come.
    17. Seawolf
      Hallo Zeus, IT can Not be, in a fight i make the Most damage of all Fighters and I be the last ohne on the List and I get only 9000 gold. Thats Not funny! Please help me if you can! Normaly i like the Game!
    18. Steven
      Just wanted to stop by and thank y'all for ur responses in the update thread...great game and I love it. Iv posted a few videos trying to help show players that low lol healers still work even after the nerf....but some ppl still don't understand u goda play smart.
      - Rubber Duck-
    19. Makeloa
      Trick Question: will I get ban for buying a mk.4 shooter since im in the 500 - 600 block? I been in this area for about a month. Yah I Know I seem lame being stuck here
    20. Romario
      Nick name BR_ROMAS . EMAIL; rspiscinas2015@gmail.com
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