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22 Aug 2017 at 14:40
4 Apr 2017
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Helsinki, Finland
QA Lead

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Administrator, Male, from Helsinki, Finland

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nerf nerf nerf 5 Apr 2017

Zeus was last seen:
22 Aug 2017 at 14:40
    1. Seafarer12345
      Hi Zeus. I invited you to look at a thread I made about suggestions that I have. Miika and other administrators are also invited. Could you look at it when you have time? Thanks.
    2. AVID
      i am not getting ads from 3 days..no one responding..
      i am loosing gold...
      i am getting back in training
    3. Dipesh Thapa
      Dipesh Thapa
      It automatically crashed please help
    4. Antonio martinez
      Antonio martinez
      Arregla mi cuenta que está pasando no obtengo estrellas ni oro ni azúcar tengo membresia vip y no me sirve como pido un. Reembolso
      Just wondering when fleeting with 3 people might be a thing because not just me but people have 3 friends, do you also think you could add a game mode to test for 1 week maybe a 3v3 or fleet teams vs each other. Ps love the game and I will keep battling in the bay 4 long time to come.
    6. Seawolf
      Hallo Zeus, IT can Not be, in a fight i make the Most damage of all Fighters and I be the last ohne on the List and I get only 9000 gold. Thats Not funny! Please help me if you can! Normaly i like the Game!
    7. Steven
      Just wanted to stop by and thank y'all for ur responses in the update thread...great game and I love it. Iv posted a few videos trying to help show players that low lol healers still work even after the nerf....but some ppl still don't understand u goda play smart.
      - Rubber Duck-
    8. Makeloa
      Trick Question: will I get ban for buying a mk.4 shooter since im in the 500 - 600 block? I been in this area for about a month. Yah I Know I seem lame being stuck here
    9. Romario
      Nick name BR_ROMAS . EMAIL; rspiscinas2015@gmail.com
    10. Romario
      ... I did not expect this update since I expected improvements and battle guilds, I hope they fix this error, I do not intend to give up because I love this game.
    11. Romario
      About the new battlhe bay update? ...unacceptable * . * Ruined the only boat I usually play in the speeder case, I spent a lot on this boat, gold, sugar, time and the main one of all that is money in specie ... in total I spent R $ 620 Real (BRL) (USD) 188.2
    12. inder
      Hey zues what if sniper only did critical hit damage when atleast a certain distance away or hits the ship dead front or back not from the sides . Myabe when sniper can't be seen this critical hit damage when they are just few inches away anytime is not sniper like behaviour. Hope u read it and give it a thought
    13. EndWaller
      Hello, I was in a battle with a speed hacker, don't know where to report him so i'll just do it here. His name is Calipso. and his player tag is #SBRBZFWD. I saw him speed hacking and turned on my screen recorder here is the link to the video https://youtu.be/V7PRt_Fa23w.
    14. Mr.rich
      Ready to play
    15. Daniel Bastos
      Daniel Bastos
      Olá Senhor Zeus. Minha Conta Foi Suspensa por 7 Dias Injustamente. Fui Suspenso porque baixei minha Infâmia para Gravar um Video de "Dicas para Iniciantes". Sou YouTube divulgo o Battle Bay no meu Canal e posto videos toda semana Abrindo Container Épico e Ajudando iniciantes e Batalhas. Meu Nick é "Daniel Bastos YT". Aguardo Resposta Por Favor.
      1. Romario likes this.
    16. ImmaCerealKillerBay
      Hi Zeus.I recently spotted a hacker in battle using speed hacks.I killed him before in a battle.If possible, please ban him.His in game name is JackSparrow47.
    17. RTS2
      I wrote a global chat blog and saved a different account on my account. I did not know that it was forbidden to make a clear command with a friend. You can review the Tum game log. It will certainly not be. Can you help me with removing the ban and putting the account back into the game
      Email adress: tolgauysal64@gmail.com
      Thank you
    18. BirdFly
      If you give warning but not ban I'll fckin destroy your daughers clitoris I swear
    19. BirdFly
      ready for the ban bro
      bring it
    20. FrugalWhythe
      Hello Zeus!Will you ever add trading system into the game?
      1. ImmaCerealKillerBay likes this.
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    Helsinki, Finland
    QA Lead