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28 Jan 2018
23 May 2017
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28 Jan 2018
    1. TheFixer27
      What happened?? O-o
      1. wreck your day and The Otherguy like this.
    2. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Most of our guild member including me.. . Facing problem of game become slow... speed, turret rotation speed... everything... it's annoying... plz resolve it...
    3. SlAyEr
      Sir, I was doing napalm quest. Killed 2 with it still not added to napalm quest. I have selected the quest.
      1. • Percy •
        • Percy •
        A teeny bit late, but did you win that match? Because not winning doesn't count any kills/damage you did. Hope this helped :D
        4 Dec 2017
      2. SlAyEr
        Too late..not tiny bit.. napalm kills were pain back in the days..
        7 Dec 2017
      3. • Percy •
        • Percy •
        Tiny bit was sarcasm lol
        8 Dec 2017
        SlAyEr likes this.
    4. Envious
      I just bought pearls and did not receive them. Please advise
      1. Reboot
        Hey! You can contact rov.io/support. They will be able to help you :)
        26 Sep 2017
    5. AuraZahndra
      I have an emergency situation and I need to change my user name/and or just have my account deleted to BB Forums. BB Forums pulled my real name from Facebook, which I didn't integrate. I have someone stalking me and via a simple Google search, this crazy lunatic is able to see my information via this site. I have written in and I have had no reply! I do need help immediately, please.
    6. *Rubber Duck*
      *Rubber Duck*
      Hey, idk If ur able to but we have a thread up for the bae watch tournament we are puttingbon for the community and was wondering if it was possible to pin that thread to general discussion so the community can easily find it?
    7. AlexJu
      Hi .~ when China can play battle bay? Cause recently I have go back to China :( ,so it’s means I can’t play battle bay : (
    8. Edmunn soo
      Edmunn soo
      Can i get the daily offer 10 premium chest ? Waiting for so long ....
    9. Subject89P13
      Hello I am Not getting the option for watch ads and get bonus rewards after battles
    10. Bobbafed99
      1. • Percy • likes this.
      2. Bobbafed99
        - Read my link first hehe, just so you know exactly what I mean :) Sounds a bit like I'm th bad guy now haha
        24 Jun 2017
        • Percy • likes this.
    11. Daniel Bastos
      Daniel Bastos
      Olá Senhor Administrador minha Conta Foi Suspensa por 7 Dias Injustamente. Sou YouTube e Preciso Criar Conteúdos todas as Semanas para Postar Vídeos novos de Battle Bay.
      Baixei Minha Infâmia Para gravar um vídeo de "Dicas Para Iniciantes" e Assim ajudar Os Iniciantes e Fui Supenso Injustamente. Espero que resolvam o Problema.
      Meu Nick: Daniel Bastos YT
      Canal no Youtube: Daniel Bastos Battle Bay.
      1. Reboot
        Hi Daniel, I'll take a look at your situation next week. And next time please post or send messages in English :)
        24 Jun 2017
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