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29 Mar 2017
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Developer, from Finland

I'm actually allergic to pines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 25 Apr 2018

    1. Levinson Contreras
      Levinson Contreras
      Hola necesito ayuda tengo un problema, resulta que tengo 2 cuentas la nueva( que juego aveces) y la vieja, la nueva la tengo en mi iPhone 6 y la Vieja en un S4 quiero hacerla a la inversa pero el iPhone no me deja he desinstalado el juego y he borrado los datos he salido de todas las cuenta y nada, te agradecería si me ayudaras
    2. Levinson Contreras
      Levinson Contreras
      today I bought a level 47 account to a boy named lisandro vallejos walls after 5,000 pesos Dominican pay him everything, but when I enter I discover that someone else is using it, apparently an Argentine, I have proof that if I buy the account, I do not want to be victim of fraud Please you are the only ones who can help me.
      My account is: levinsonelmakina07@gmai.com
      FB: Levinson D Contreras Muñoz
      Please help me
      1. Rogue Blueberry
        Rogue Blueberry
        Buying an account is a bannable offense...
        10 Oct 2018
    3. Remy
      Would it be possible to have an answer on the problem of freeze telephone when certain players open battle bay or it twists you fingers?! There is a big person "I have it nothing has to do" on behalf of the developer
    4. Remy
      Bonjour, êtes vous au courant du gel des comptes lors de la connexion au jeux? Quand y aura t'il une rectification du bug? et es ce qu'il y aura un dédommagement ?

      Hello, are informed you of the frost of the accounts during the connection in games? When will be you there a rectification of the bug? And be what there will be a compensation?
    5. Pinecone
      I'm actually allergic to pines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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      2. The Otherguy
        The Otherguy
        Is that what happened to the cat?
        26 Apr 2018
        wreck your day likes this.
      3. R4Z0R
        well lets hope you don't start randomly eating pines (coz everyone does that) anytime soon... :P
        17 May 2018
      4. SupremeCalamitas
        @The Otherguy, nah, the cat got stuck in a box and now has 20% more cat awesomeness.

        "A liquid is something that takes the shape of its container. Therefore, cats are liquids."
        23 May 2018
        The Otherguy likes this.
    6. SupremeCalamitas
      I really like your Profile Pic
      1. Captain Gilligan and Pinecone like this.
      2. Uerguy
        I love cats... A lot.
        4 Apr 2018
        TheFixer27 and The Otherguy like this.
    7. The Otherguy
      The Otherguy
      I like this profile pic better than your last one. ^_^
      1. Blueee
        ze square kitty cat *says in accent*
        21 Mar 2018
    8. Ser Tomaz
    9. AVID
      AVID One more bug we caught...the exact problem when it was coming.
      Open ur weapon try evolve even its not there and click shop there...see the home screen of game
      Any weapon Evolve + shop = home screen ships blackout...
      Hope u fix this now...as we find exact bug...why its was happening
      1. Pinecone
        If I understood the description correctly, doesn't happen on my build (which is a bit newer than what's currently released), so someone might have fixed it for the next version.
        10 Oct 2017
    10. ittiarazam
      Hi, can i report why does my enemies don't get any damage even i shot them 6times and damage reports only shows 154 were i am using a tier IV sniper and tier II cannon?also why my weapons coolsdown instead of firing?
    11. vadkaktusz
      Is there a way that i could use 2 acoounts on 1 device?
      1. • Percy • and The Otherguy like this.
    12. devil's demon
      devil's demon
      Matchmaking is getting worse these days as oppment get 2 fixer and we didnt even have 1 sometime they got mk6 and a fixer and we all r mk5 without fixer
    13. devil's demon
      devil's demon
      Got a question how does the admin chooses a video to show in battle bay
      1. Pinecone
        Do you mean the promoted videos in the inbox? If the video people see a video they like they post it (or put it in queue), simple as that.
        7 Sep 2017
      2. devil's demon
        devil's demon
        Alright thanks but how can i post or put it in queue
        8 Sep 2017
    14. AVID
      i am not getting ads from 3 days..no one responding..
      i am loosing gold...
      i am getting back in training..
      please help..
      whats the reason..plz fix..
      1. Pinecone
        21 Aug 2017
        AVID likes this.
      2. AVID
        21 Aug 2017
    15. lakshya
      When will account be active again ? #pnjmspkw
    16. Kronos
      In creating a guild. How come sugar was deducted even though guilt was not created because someone has that name already?
      1. Pinecone
        It gets refunded on next login/soon after
        17 Aug 2017
    17. lakshya
      So what's the point of suspension? I just did '0' damage in one or two match and that was rare and random. I think Devs need to upgrade their way of suspending with counting more details. (Like ping/data connection) #PNJMSPKW
    18. lakshya
      Why the Devs suspending me? I get a bad connection usually with my mobile network. And it's a common problem with many in our country (Jio SIM). Can't the server check my ping (data) to judge that I am getting poor connection before suspending me? Coz of poor data, my all shots get missed even my ship is moving with breaks. I Didn't lost matches intentionally.Didnt used weak ship and weak weapons.
      1. SlAyEr
        Jio works well bro. U r making excuses
        28 Sep 2017
    19. AVID
      I would like this person to be banned permanently.
      As he scold my mother and me very bad.
      sultan07 (#KWDMSRVL)..I AM REALLY GOT DEPRESSED, i did noting with him..
      he got as enemy in one game, he killed me, then he came to chat and scold me, i said mind your language, then he scold my mother and me very bad words used..and removed me as friend...

      please ban him permanently.
      1. lakshya likes this.
      2. Subbie the Blaster
        Subbie the Blaster
        Uh, does this crime really deserve a permanent ban? Because if yes, half of Battle Bay should be banned permanently
        8 Jul 2018
    20. CrizR
      When I try to change my avatar here it says : "Your avatar's file size is too large. Please upload an avatar no bigger than 50 KB." , but the image i'm selecting is 20KB. What's the problem?
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