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22 Nov 2017
5 Apr 2017
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Well-Known Member, Male

Scared of global chat... 7 May 2017

P0rthos was last seen:
22 Nov 2017
    1. Subbie the Blaster
      Subbie the Blaster
      Do a reaper vid
      1. Subbie the Blaster
        Subbie the Blaster
        I wanna learn
        27 Feb 2019
      2. Nikkie!
        How about that he quit the game... Like almost more than a year ago o.O
        12 Mar 2019
        HAPPY SITHSHA likes this.
      3. Subbie the Blaster
        Subbie the Blaster
        I know but still lol
        12 Mar 2019
    2. Mr. Chompers
      Mr. Chompers
      Please please please please come back :(.................. please?
      1. Babablacksheep and The Otherguy like this.
    3. ImmaCerealKillerBay
      im sure he will return soon. :(
      1. The Otherguy
        The Otherguy
        Don't get your hopes up. :(
        18 Apr 2018
    4. Capitan Defender
      Capitan Defender
      He made us laugh...he made us cry of fear,but he made me become the verry 1st bulgarian battle bay tuber,and my main to be defender,this man deserves a medal for courage,but here...dear reader,we stand on his grave,praying one day he will come back and continue motivating people to play defender...it was honour to watch at ur videos and enjoying them insame time

      :your dearest fan:
      -capitan defender
      1. ChickenSurprise and HARPO! like this.
      2. ImmaCerealKillerBay
        *sniff sniff* he made me a gud shooter
        18 Apr 2018
        HARPO! likes this.
    5. Capitan Defender
      Capitan Defender
      R.i.p. best battle bay tuber
      1. The Otherguy
        The Otherguy
        3 Apr 2018
    6. Uerguy
      Hey P0rthos, Eeyore is no longer Will Smith! Also, I'm trying to get over the 3.3k infamy wall so I can fleet with him. TORPEDO TAG TEAM FOR THE WIN!
      1. The Otherguy likes this.
      2. Uerguy
        Also, I'm kinda nervous about crossing that wall, IF it's even possible. I only have tier 4 rares and a few epics that I can only get to tier 2.
        21 Nov 2017
        The Otherguy likes this.
    7. CrawlingSkeleton
      Hey! I'm a big fan and joined the forums primarily to find you. I hogged all your videos in 2 days! In love with your voice. :) Have a great day!
      1. The Otherguy and Mr. Chompers like this.
    8. The Otherguy
      The Otherguy
      Battle Bay; the game with boats, explosions, and fake cake.
      You may quote me on that. (big grin)
    9. ...darktail...
      Porthos..I have a request...I know you did a videos about how to play speeder! But the problem is not for every body those tipps works...there are a lot of speeders having epic items and even legendary items..and there are others speeders which want to enjoy the game by no spending money on the game and having rare items...I ask with hope...if you could please make a video about speeders with rare items!
      1. SunlightDuck
        It's the same playstyle...
        18 Jul 2017
    10. • Percy •
      • Percy •
      @P0rthos you are one of my heroes in battle bay and I'm going to be like you one day. Keep posting more videos you have the best content in all of YouTube low your work! Stay salty
      1. The Otherguy likes this.
    11. ImmaCerealKillerBay
      Sweet Vids on the guides!
    12. TheAntiSnipe
      Yo, POrthos! Can you please read the "Repeating cannon" post? I commented on it a while back... Want your opinion, fam. Btw, big fan of your Blacktail Week series
      1. Nikkie! and The Otherguy like this.
      2. Mr. Chompers
        Mr. Chompers
        No, its "P0rthos"!!!! A 0, not an O.
        7 Oct 2017
      3. The Otherguy
        The Otherguy
        He needs to get together with BT again and do a "Nostalgia Week"
        27 Apr 2018
        Mr. Chompers likes this.
    13. Jabynator
      One day, I want to be as good as you
    14. SoroSpyte_SGT
      can someone tell whats the good loadout for defender mrk.1 pls
    15. Pakhet
      Hey P0rrhos! Me and my fiancé love your videos! I know your guild is probably full, but do you guys have any sister guilds or anything? I'm a 1500 fixer and my fiancé is a 2300 speeder. We'd just love to be in a more active social guild, but it's so hard to find anything in all the muck! I know you're a busy man so thanks for any help you may be able to give. :)
      1. JDAR
        I'm no porthos but I am kinda a D'Artagnan XD anyways check my guild out we're active and looking for experienced players in especially looking for fixers as that's what I am and I like to platoon! (Link in my bio)
        23 May 2017
        Mr. Chompers likes this.
    16. Razerx100
      I just realized today, your name is based on , one of the famous "Three Musketeers". I feel so much ignorant now.
      1. The Otherguy likes this.
    17. JDAR
      Sweet videos
    18. HappyEvil
      Hey Porthos new member here from U.S.! Keep up the awesome battling, I'm having fun watching ur videos <3
    19. Scott Ries
      Scott Ries
      Its Arrrrr Mate btw
    20. Scott Ries
      Scott Ries
      You able to get in BB right now?
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    Follow on YouTube for tips, tricks, and awesome Nightmare League battles with top players: https://www.youtube.com/c/P0rthos