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29 Mar 2017
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    1. *JAWS*
      Feel free to play me 1vs 1 custom match sometime. And see how easy u have it. Realize I am mk.7 and one of the best at my boat in game. I am capped at 5.2k even when trying my hardest. Talk to grey storm sometime, or godlike. Even Ysl. They all know defender needs a major buff.
    2. *JAWS*
      Remember if there is no viable end game for a defender to be top 20. Then no one will want to play defender mk2 thru mk.6

      What happens end game affects early and boat selections. We have lost our porthos, and peelahs, and even benjen barely plays now because of the really bad boat imballance. Please fix
    3. *JAWS*
      Miika...i recently spoke to oberst. Only top 50 defender in league play.
      This boat is dying. Top defenders are retiring because of how badly balanced this boat is to other boats on the bay.
      I have made suggestions to the grim repair how to balance this.

      Ie. Raise defender attributes. Rudder, turret, speed

      But Oberst wrote to me the best new idea I have heard.
      Add a 4th weapon slot to defender.
    4. D E P R E D A T H O R
      D E P R E D A T H O R
      Hey, I have a problem, can you help me? I did not receive a seasonal prize (gold, legendary part and screws ...
      Please return 1000 pearls, before locking account 1 someone.
    6. NAZMUL
      NAZMUL I have benn playing this game for a long time..played almost 7/8 hours per day.. my ship is mk 5.. but recently I was mad because I can't find my last legendary pice since last 2 months.. so I scraped all my wapons.. now I miss this game so much.. can u find a way to get my wapons back please..I miss my account..
      1. SupremeCalamitas
        Never scrap all your weapons... plus you can get more from buying and whatnot.
        19 Feb 2018
    7. AndyAce10
      Hey Miika, r u in Nightmare league?
      1. TheAntiSnipe likes this.
      2. TheAntiSnipe
        You can find out by yourself! Go to credits and tap on Miika's name and you can see his in-game profile!
        7 Dec 2017
    8. SharkEmperor9752
      Is there a photo of Mk7 Speeder? I was wondering if you knew because you are a developer. Thanks.
    9. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Really tired now.... plz see this...
      And loading of weapons become poor.... some time get more time and and sometime don't even dmg opponent even after hit..
      Many of my frnds leave this game just bcoz of it... plz look into this matter...
      Or suddenly all become too good..so i can't able to win the matches..
      Hope for a positive and fair solution from you..
    10. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Bro... i knw u r working hard to make game fair.. but see my matches... last month i m at 2100+ infamy... and not able to touch 2000 now.. and players below me are at... 2800+ now...
      What type of match making it is... plz resolve it
    11. Zippyduda
      Hello any idea as to having a issue loading the new update it stops and says loading failed
    12. winterIsComing
      Now this game is only focusing on people who’s spending money.... people are not getting fair benefits.... even lots of scrapping giving me just shit.
      Now.. WinterIsGone*
    13. Invincible.18
      Helo, I have a suggestion.. can you add more people in the guild? I think 25 is not enough .. thanks cheers
      1. TheFixer27 and a_creeper_won like this.
    14. Beervk
      Check our guild progress we were first and then the second become first and we end quest before it’s when we spend all pearls they do this I am angry I spend 30 hours playing in last 3-4 days to be first and lose in last 3 hours and they were 38 and we 41
    15. 7seascomquer
      Plase fiş it my name is 7SeasConquer in the game
    16. 7seascomquer
      My guild reward havent come why
    17. JJ7jj
      Hello Miika, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have lost all my boosts plus the guild quest page keeps loading. I was hoping you would know how to fix this.
      Thank you for your time and effort,
      Jef Jacobs.
    18. Desirè
      Any other complaints of extreme lag on sub zero. Especially when napalm is in use?
      hello my battle frozen before 5 hours how can i kick out
    20. puzzles3371
      Hi Miika, my game has been frozen in the battle ended screen for 3 1/2 hours now since the server crash but I have read that there are players who weren't affected. I didn't exploit the game so there would be no reason to suspend my account. Is there any update on when this will be fixed?
      1. @Nade_Costa likes this.
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