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29 Mar 2017
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    1. AsianMthfkr
      Im in an infamy that i shouldnt be.
      Im on 1300 infamy. My gear score is just 1900 while all my enemies are 5k-7k gear scores. Its really unfair
    2. Baddude
      I’m so frustrated I have mk2 ships can’t go higher yet. Because I have an infamy over 600 and as high as 1000 I am up against mk3, 4, 5 something has to be done due to game requirements I can’t compete. Very frustrating! I just fought Mk5 with 6600 health we shouldn’t be in same game together. Makes me want to quit. My weapons and shields are no match
    3. Anand Vamshi
      Anand Vamshi
      Bro. im Not Getting Rare Sniper And Balst Cannon Till Date... What I Wanna Do ,, Im In Ace 1 And Everyonses Weapons Are About 700 Damage And Im Here Dieng With 300 Damaging Cannon What I Wanna Do ,, How Do I Wanna Earn Infamy... please Help Me Anyhow..
    4. Courtay
      Problème no french
    5. Daniel Bastos
      Daniel Bastos
      Olá Senhor Administrador minha Conta Foi Suspensa por 7 Dias Injustamente. Sou YouTube e Preciso Criar Conteúdos todas as Semanas para Postar Vídeos novos de Battle Bay.
      Baixei Minha Infâmia Para gravar um vídeo de "Dicas Para Iniciantes" e Assim ajudar Os Iniciantes e Fui Supenso Injustamente. Espero que resolvam o Problema.
      Meu Nick: Daniel Bastos YT
      Canal no Youtube: Daniel Bastos Battle Bay.
    6. Alexandr
      Hello! Can't write in the General chat, why? Please help
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