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23 Jan 2018 at 09:12
3 Apr 2017
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18 Nov 1989 (Age: 28)

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Viewing thread Infamy bug, 23 Jan 2018 at 09:12
    1. Anand Vamshi
      Anand Vamshi
      Im Not Able To Buy VIP Sub Why ???, Its Showing Not Eligible Only For VIP Other Purchases Going Well
    2. SharkEmperor9752
      Is there a photo of Mk7 Speeder? I was wondering if you knew because you are a moderator. Thanks.
    3. HitNrun505
      Is there a way I can get off your Nerf list? Please
    4. The Otherguy
      The Otherguy
      Happy Birthday!
      Thank-you for you service.
    5. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Really tired now.... plz see this...
      And loading of weapons become poor.... some time get more time and and sometime don't even dmg opponent even after hit..
      Many of my frnds leave this game just bcoz of it... plz look into this matter...
      Or suddenly all become too good..so i can't able to win the matches..
      Hope for a positive and fair solution from you..
    6. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Bro... i knw u r working hard to make game fair.. but see my matches... last month i m at 2100+ infamy... and not able to touch 2000 now.. and players below me are at... 2800+ now...
      What type of match making it is... plz resolve it
    7. Dęę Måçk
      Dęę Måçk
      Any idea on eta from HQ when bugs on IOS platform 10.3 will be worked out yet........?
    8. winterIsComing
      Hii i want to restart the game in my ipad but it starting from my previous progress...
      How i can i restrat that game again
    9. Ravindra Singh
      Ravindra Singh
      Most of our guild member including me.. . Facing problem of game become slow... speed, turret rotation speed... everything... it's annoying... plz resolve it.. last update creates all problem... plz look into matter.. so we can enjoy playing... bcoz of slowdown problem.. we can't fight to our efficiency... I went down to 1000 infamy from 2200... it take me 3 week to again built my infamy.. plz plz resolve it
    10. Fahim
      Bro, what's the problem with the guild? Guild page is not loading and i found myself out of my clan suddenly.
    11. Desirè
      I’m stuck. Please help lol. I left my guild just as it was crashing. Now it says I’m in a guild but I’m not. It says I can create but won’t let me.
    13. CN•Aslan
    14. AVID
      One more bug we caught...the exact problem when it was coming.
      Open ur weapon try evolve even its not there and click shop there...see the home screen of game
      Any weapon Evolve + shop = home screen ships blackout...
      Hope u fix this now...as we find exact bug...why its was happening
    15. AVID
    16. Angga ganteng
      Angga ganteng
      Pliss help my,my acoubt in resisitabd
    17. AVID
    18. Luciferf117
      please notice my conversation page with you
    19. Patrick manoel
      Patrick manoel
      Hello my name and Patrick manoel, I have 2 accounts in batle bay, but both accounts are logged in the same email, I would like to unlink an account from the same email so I can link to my other email. the name of an account is (Hunter-of-ship and the other is Hunter ||), could you help me?
    20. ...darktail...
      And also can you please say to dobson I be offline for a while becouse..the game is not working on my mobile anymore..hope you understeand my situation....im disperate...soo much hard work! pls Help me :'(
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