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Yellow item combos?

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Disguised, 12 Jul 2017.


Best yellow item combo for MK3 speeder (chose 2 options as it is a combo)?

  1. Overboost

  2. Nitro

  3. Tesla Bolt

  4. Frost Launcher

  5. Frost Blaster (or whatever it's called)

  6. Tesla Shield

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  1. Disguised

    Disguised Well-Known Member

    11 Jul 2017
    What would be the best 2 items to put into the yellow slots of an MK3 Speeder (2 slots, 3 slot points)?
  2. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    29 May 2017
    Depends on what weapons you wanna use, but I'd say in general it's overboost + tesla shield/Nitro. I don't really recommend tesla bolt at this point since you can't really evolve the item because captain is difficult to train, but if you got an epic or legendary go ahead and try it
  3. Disguised

    Disguised Well-Known Member

    11 Jul 2017
    Thanks. I usually use Blast Cannon/Swift Torpedo and sometimes Blast Cannon/Mine. I do almost have tier 2 rare Tesla Bolt, but I still have to upgrade Dr. Buzzkill 4 or 3 more times to unlock tier 2 evolution.
  4. disorder

    disorder Active Member

    7 Jun 2017
    I Like strange things so will say teslabolt/frostblaster
    Will give a opportunity to speeder to make a fucking control on opponent with quick yellow item
    Post scriptum: i ve select frost launcher, error was frost blaster

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