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The sidestep pierce ( for enforcers)

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Agile Vanguard, 17 Nov 2018.



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  1. Agile Vanguard

    Agile Vanguard Well-Known Member

    8 Apr 2018
    Random Battle Bay player and tuber.
    In a land far far away...
    (This is my first stategy guide.)
    How to use the sidestep pierce
    1. Nitro through the enemy, but calculating it so that the engine of your ship is about 1cm away from the enemy.

    2. The enemy turns around to face you, fire to temporarily blind them and reverse into them and out the other side.

    3. Fire again and repeat until
    A) The enemy is dead

    B) The turret catches up, in which case you would activate your tesla shield, get stunned and use step 2 without the firing, while the enemy is on global cooldown. You can also form a loose circle and repeat step one when you need to get some pressure off or use a couple of seconds to allow your items to cooldown.

    C) If you don't have tesla shield or it's on cooldown, circle around tightly near the enemy so that you are always near the back of their turret.

    D) The obvious, if there is nothing you can do, overboost out and drive in a zig zag.
    Last edited: 1 Jan 2019

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