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Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Scourge Argaen, 20 Oct 2018.

  1. Scourge Argaen

    Scourge Argaen Well-Known Member

    9 May 2017
    United Kingdom
    Just another thread on targetting woes..

    My setup mainly uses Flare and Sniper and Bolt as ranged items but I'm experiencing some rather problematic issues on targetting.

    • I notice this with the flare more so. I could be beside an enemy ship and it will shoot the flare above or below the ship though they're locked on and the sight is green. Call it lag but it's happening like never before.
    • Switching from damage to healing doesn't switch targets appropriately. e.g. If I'm targetting enemy Bob with shiper and see friendly Sam needs a heal who is just to my right, I equip my bolt but I'm still targetting Bob so from time to time I accidentally throw a heal to unfriendly Bob. I have to force the sight off Bob to find Sam to heal even though my bolt is equipped.
    • If you have a healing item equipped, you can't click a friendly to change target to them where as you can do this with unfriendlies for damage.
    • Target switching is like Bugs Bunny on speed and you can easily lose control of your ship. I want to target Sam who is to my right but before it can do that, it has to cycle through Peter, Percy and George before I get to Sam...

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