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Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Friscomachine, 24 Dec 2018.

  1. Friscomachine

    Friscomachine New Member

    30 Sep 2018
    watch my alter ego guys: https://replay.battlebay.net/TMCZDDMQ#BPCGGCYH
    lvl 10 banana with max. uncommon items fighting against t4 epic and sometimes legendary weapons. haha

    mybe i should drop my beloved defender and switch to this boat?
    what would be best to equip, what is a good combination? switch to blast and or explosive?
    blue items ok? or add a bandage?
    yellow items ok?

    suggestions much appreciated!
  2. Redneck Messiah

    Redneck Messiah Well-Known Member

    28 Oct 2018
    Damage Depot
    As a seasoned speeder main, allow me to make a few recommendations:
    Red: Flare/Blast
    Yellow: Tesla Bolt/Nitro/Overboost or Nitro/Nitro/Overboost
    Blue: Shield/Turbo/Bandage
    JoshW likes this.
  3. JoshW

    JoshW Well-Known Member

    17 Aug 2018
    There are so many different playstyles that can be used on a speeder and the items you use will highly depending on that.

    If you're a hit and run style speeder bandage is great.
    If you're a high visabilty speeder (Duelist/ Brawler) it's better to double up on shields.

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