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*Shooter MK4 Setup*

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Raunak, 7 Jul 2017.

  1. Raunak

    Raunak Member

    15 May 2017
    Hey guys its been 2 weeks almost I upgraded my Shooter to MK4. I want you all to look at my setup and Suggest me to improve and be as effective as it gets in battle.
    My Shooter MK4 Setup Screenshot_2017-07-07-18-54-16.png
    I am just confused with my Explosive Cannon. As I miss many shots with it in a critical situation. Soon I am gonna upgrade my fire bomb to tier 3 once Brock gets tier.

    Any suggestions please tell me.
  2. Joey who

    Joey who Well-Known Member

    11 Jun 2017
    If you worked on your triple torpedoes to tier 2 they would be great for dealing with crouds. Plus it's pretty accurate.
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  3. David L. Bray

    David L. Bray New Member

    19 Jul 2017
    I have similar loadout, but with level 7 rare big torp instead of mortar. Fire and forget, 500+ dmg. Oh, just noticed ,i use blast cannon instead of reg cannon.
  4. LotharusMaximus

    LotharusMaximus Well-Known Member

    10 Jul 2017
    Looks like a good setup. Doesn't your epic Blast Canon do bigger damage than the uncommon explosive? Other than that I would consider putting the burn damage perk on your sniper rifle unless you are hitting more with your standard canon. You have options! Maybe missles in the future? Just an fyi a lvl 20 Big Berta is hard to hit with but does 660 damage.
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  5. retryW

    retryW Well-Known Member

    13 Jun 2017
    I think your setup is actually very good. You are using all your given points which is great! No wasting of red points or blue.
    I would put all fire damage perks on your cannon as you'll probably use it a lot. Also I think you just need to practice a lot more on your general playstyle. 900 infamy is pretty darn low for a mk4 in my eyes, but I am aware that with the influx of new people everyone is getting shifted further down the infamy ladder.

    Either way, I love the setup and think you should be able to do great with a bit of practise. Another great thing is you have a good mix of single target and AOE damage.
  6. H.A.D.E.S

    H.A.D.E.S Well-Known Member

    14 Jun 2017
    This is my setup....Hope it helps! Screenshot_2017-07-20-11-40-47.png
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