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Shield defense .vs. Hit points

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Dęę Måçk, 16 Jul 2018.


What's better "shield defense" or "Hit Point" perks

Poll closed 23 Jul 2018.
  1. Shield defense

  2. Hit point

  1. Dęę Måçk

    Dęę Måçk Member

    14 Nov 2017
    I noticed shield defenses only go to 100 does that only protect you losing 100 health? Since ALL the TOP bayers Globally have HIT POINT perks Equipped to their shields and what ever else they can attach em to I'm Assuming shield defense SUKT ? whatever your shield defenses are is what your protection is gonna be ?
  2. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    It seems to be unanimous on this forum that HP is the better deal.

    You can estimate it pretty quickly: Epic Defense Perk is +9 per hit, while Epic Shield Perk is +150. You would have to get hit in battle 17 times before you break even with the Defense Perk. In my experience a full 5-minute battle with a Fixer or two is the only situation where I would be able to last 17 hits, which is a very uncommon situation.
  3. SlayerofSergeants

    SlayerofSergeants Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2018
    Each shield defense point reduces the damage from the enemies weapon's BASE damage by one point. 9 points of defense reduces base damage by 9 hit points.

    Armor doesn't help you vs actual burning damage.

    I think it works like this:
    Say the enemy has 100 damage cannon (BASE damage) but perks and captain levels increase that 100% to 200 damage. Each of your defense points will save 1 point of damage from weapon base damage which turns into 2 points of damage at final calculation. The defense savings also occurs before criticals and fire damage bonuses. So you save even more hp on those occurrences.

    On the flip side, HP perks on shields are gained before shield HP bonuses are applied. Therefore each HP perk point is worth more than a 1 hp. You can add like 35% to standard shield so a 150 hp perk on standard shield is really worth 202 hp.

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