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Optimize the game for player with older devices.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by SrammVII, 30 Oct 2017.

  1. SrammVII

    SrammVII Member

    30 Oct 2017
    Not all players have the privileges of newer devices but still want to have fun playing the game, I myself is still stuck with an iPhone 4s and it's really frustrating to have your game just crash and have the match robbed from you... Even trying the Half-resolution option would still lag and crash the game as if notthing have changed, not to mention it just make the whole game blurry...
    Lots of the time when I finish my match and if there more than one quest or daily reward queued the game just crash. And today my phone hit that limit hard and it can't even get pass the loading screen (tried to reinstall, does not help).

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