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New Weapon Combine System

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Waveblower, 15 Apr 2019.

  1. Waveblower

    Waveblower Active Member

    6 Jun 2017
  2. Kurd1stan.

    Kurd1stan. Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2017
    It is a great idea so NO
  3. Nikkie!

    Nikkie! Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2018
    Baaa, I’m a pig (I am out there!)
    Check my information out! “About you”
    You sure it isn’t awesome?
    Kurd1stan. likes this.
  4. Greatgambler440

    Greatgambler440 Active Member

    8 Nov 2017
    Developers really need to quench up their thirst for money. They are only concerned about money and not about players!!!!

    Day by day perks are increasing so instead of increasing the chances they replaced one perks slot from the raffle board with parts..... Money!!

    Also they changed the rivalry system to be based on activity making it more tougher to get raffle and perks... So that they can get money.

    Now upgrading ships is also expensive as it was earlier. ...Money!!!

    Training crews is also cost more time and sugar.....so that they can get more money!!!

    I guess training time is also increased by earlier times to get more money.

    Calendar rewards earlier used to provide 1 epic piece every week and rare item sometimes..... But now they only give rare piece with no epic piece... 1 rare powercell, 5 parts all lame rewards... Money!!!

    Not to forget the perk salwage cost of leg perks is 100 pearls.... They tweaked the event system forcing players to spend money.

    Not to forget the bad matchmaking rovio has.... Money!!!!!

    Earlier daily battle rewards gave 40,50 epic parts but now it never provide such only 20 rare or epic parts.... Money!!

    Day by day more items are getting added but probability to get desired item is decreasing.... Forcing to spent money.

    Also I got perks easily earlier but now they never provide perk I want... Money!!

    Not to forget the hardcore teamdeathmatch will replace ranked forcing us to make money..

    So now this game is no more fun game money waste. Thats the reason why so many player quitting day by day and scraping.
    Oddmarine likes this.
  5. Ash KOT

    Ash KOT MVP

    30 Aug 2017
    Nikkie! likes this.
  6. Aether_Zero

    Aether_Zero Well-Known Member

    6 Feb 2018
    Love it. Keeps some element of RNG, but overall it's a great idea. So unfortunately it'll probably never get inplemented....
    Earel likes this.
  7. Nicolas

    Nicolas Well-Known Member

    24 Nov 2017
    It's very unlikely. If we had a pretty balanced bay where all weapons are fairly appealing then I would say yes, but that is just in an ideal world. This will just promote the meta more. It will be a boring bay.

    However, it's likely to have ×5 chances for an item during its special event.
    VantaBlack likes this.
  8. Earel

    Earel Active Member

    24 Jun 2017
    Good idea, but it will be never implemented... because economic system!)(money)
    Aether_Zero likes this.

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