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New Ship: Kamikaze

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Oddmarine, 16 Apr 2019.

  1. Oddmarine

    Oddmarine New Member

    15 Apr 2019
    Hear me out, this ship is super fast and highly agile but it only has yellow and teal item slots and the ability to self destruct whenever it makes contact with an Unfriend for a ludicrous amount of A.O.E damage
  2. benguin8

    benguin8 Well-Known Member

    13 Jul 2017
    Maybe good for events but no other mode. If you sacrificed yourself, you would need to kill 2 unfriends for your one death to be helpful in winning the battle. But fun idea!
    Oddmarine likes this.
  3. Cavy

    Cavy Well-Known Member

    26 Feb 2018
    Lol I could have fun with that but, I’m sure nothing would break my iPad faster then looking for trouble for 2+ minutes then being singled out by one of these guys in the first 30 seconds of a match finally starting :(
    Aether_Zero, Oddmarine and Nikkie! like this.
  4. JoshW

    JoshW Well-Known Member

    17 Aug 2018
    Could be an interesting idea for an event.
    1 player from each team is randomly chosen to be the Kamikaze.
    Once that player "suicides" the next player on their team to spawn gains the Kamikaze boat. Kill limit would need to be increase to 15 though.

    If they made this system for randomly choosing a player to have special attributes it could provide us with a whole new array of event types. One that comes to mind is HVT (or MVP), 1 player on each team is chosen to be the HVT and you must sink the other teams while protecting your own to win.
    Oddmarine likes this.
  5. Sewah

    Sewah Well-Known Member

    14 May 2017
    I always Kamikaze with my Fixer or Reaper.

    Its a kewl idea just for the fun of it.
    Oddmarine likes this.
  6. Su-57

    Su-57 Well-Known Member

    20 Nov 2018
    we don't need a special boat , there are always 1-2 Kamikaze players in every battle . you try to sink unfriendly faster then he give them kills . lol
    Sewah and Oddmarine like this.

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