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Mk 5 to Mk 6 shooter, best blue item for the new slot?

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by SleekCommodore2201, 13 Apr 2018.

  1. SleekCommodore2201

    SleekCommodore2201 New Member

    2 Feb 2018
    I already run big shield and turbo.
    Small shield might let you take an additional hit or two?
    Extra turbo might let you avoid being hit.
    Bandage might heal enough to last the game more often.
    Rudder or gear lube might help if you're doing the dance with a speeder or enforcer.
    What's the best choice for you guys?
  2. SeaNavy

    SeaNavy Well-Known Member

    31 Mar 2018
    I suggest bandage
    Axios likes this.

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