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Mk 5 enforcer soon, with many choices for weapons...

Discussion in 'Strategy Discussion' started by Uncle Kracker, 30 Jul 2017.


What three weapon combination is best?

Poll closed 17 Sep 2017.
  1. Flare gun, Blast cannon, swift torpedo

  2. Flare gun, Blast cannon, carronade

  3. Flare gun, Blast cannon, grenade launcher

  4. Flare gun, swift torpedo, grenade launcher

    0 vote(s)
  5. Blast cannon, swift torpedo, grenade launcher

    0 vote(s)
  6. Carronade, swift torpedo, grenade launcher

    0 vote(s)
  7. Carronade, flare gun, swift topedo

    0 vote(s)
  8. Carronade, flare gun grenade launcher

    0 vote(s)
  9. Blast cannon, Carronade, grenade launcher

    0 vote(s)
  10. Blast cannon, Carronade, swift torpedo

  1. Uncle Kracker

    Uncle Kracker New Member

    23 Jun 2017
    (I apologize in advance for the many voting options and the horrible order :(
    As the title states, I will be upgrading to mk5 enforcer very soon, and i will have three item slots open for weapons. The weapons i have are as follows:

    Lv10 epic grenade launcher with fire chance perks
    Lv10 epic blast cannon with two rare crit chance perks
    Lv1 epic carronade
    Lv11 rare swift torpedo with one rare and one uncommon frozen damage buff perks
    lv20 rare flare gun with two duration perks (i have a third rare flare gun to evolve and another duration perk but my burnice isn't leveled high enough yet to evolve to tier 3)

    I am currently using overboost tesla shield turbo and bandage. But i have 9/10 epic yellow pieces so that may change soon. Also if you have any tips to get another piece that would help a lot lol. Thanks for reading and please offer any tips or suggestions for me, see you on the bay!
    Last edited: 30 Jul 2017
  2. Nof

    Nof New Member

    23 May 2017
    Try : flare + blast + canon (with burn perk)
    Realy good job
    JustPlainSowad and fr4nk1yn like this.
  3. Kustomz

    Kustomz Active Member

    2 Jul 2017
    the best choice is a choice you dont seem to have; 2 Blast cannons and Flare Gun
    fr4nk1yn likes this.
  4. lolawola

    lolawola Active Member

    8 May 2017
    last option. blast, carro, swift.
    1 your team most likely already carries burn weapons so blast cannon is enough. dont waste your slots.
    2 carronade is great short range, and it slows. nuff said
    3 if you have frost laucher or frost blaster, swift torpedo is your friend. with the right perks and right choices in sinklairs tree, it will be a deadly weapon.

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