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Mini game challenges

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Radar O Reilly, 1 Nov 2017.

  1. Radar O Reilly

    Radar O Reilly Active Member

    28 May 2017
    I want to run around a map and hit targets. E.g., on Damage Depot there are a few fun places to sit and launch mortars or firebombs. The mini game could be set up so that you drive to a way point then hit a target. When I get to the way point a buoy appears as a target. it explodes or does something else fun when I hit it, move on to the next way point and hit the next target. The game can give the a specific load out, different perks, different boats. Time a player to see how fast they can clear the challenges. Let them try again to improve speed. Make the buoys move, learn to target with the fun little mini-game. Give me something to do on the plane when I have no wifi and I can't play with real people.
  2. Epekka

    Epekka Well-Known Member

    6 May 2017
    in the not too distant future
    cool idea!
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