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Make casual matchmaking league based

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by JoshW, 5 Mar 2019.

  1. JoshW

    JoshW Well-Known Member

    17 Aug 2018
    I'm so tired of watching NML players utterly destroy Warriors and Masters in casual battles.
    People play casual for fun not to be extremely out matched or to spectate these brutally unfair matchups.

    Clearly there is no form of balancing for casual battles and as pointed out by many players it seems to just toss together the next 10 people who are waiting.
    It seems to me that there are plenty of players from each league actively battleing at the same time since I see so many in each battle.

    I suggest matching players based on league (not specific infamy) to provide players with a better battle experience.
    There is no benefit to tanking infamy anymore since the season rewards were drastically increased so this shouldn't pose much of an issue.
    (Season rewards are WAYYY better than any meager rewards you could obtain through dropping leagues for easier casual battles)
  2. Earel

    Earel Active Member

    24 Jun 2017
    So, queue waiting for NML player should be around 2 min or more for w8 match?
    I’m already w8 around 2-3 min for ranked game... when I have a 30 min per day for playing, waste it for queue ... nop thx...
    So, what’s the problem lead ur shots?...
    Same ship, same gear score... it’s mean potential are equal!
    Or NML player got a +n% for damage ? Earned from league...
    When u meet better player u learn somethings ... and grade your skill...
    When ppl with 10k+ gear score, can’t hit enemy during 5 min battle and do 2-7 k damage per round... it’s not a nightmare player deal...
  3. ViscountSniffit

    ViscountSniffit Well-Known Member

    3 Sep 2017
    When you talk about “Warriors and Masters”, it makes it sound like these guys are helpless newbs, but they aren’t! The majority of those guys (that I get matched against) are running t4 Epics (or better), and many have played more battles than even I have, sometimes many thousands more.

    Would it be ‘fairer’ to have those guys matched against legitimate newbs with Uncommons and Rares? I don’t think so. These players have been like cancer to the game for far too long: terrible players, clogging up the lower leagues with almost invincible setups, and then crying about how they keep losing with top damage.

    Personally, I think the captain level MM has been a godsend. It has delivered what GS matchmaking should have been, and is almost impossible to manipulate.

    Yes, I have a lot more terrible opponents now, and equally terrible teammates. Never before have I had to claw back so many 2v1s and 3v2s. But the problem isn’t their gear, it is just bad playing.

    I’m sure I could find you a handful of games from the last week, that I should have lost, but I ended up winning. Not because I’m especially ‘good’, but because the highest infamy player on the unfriends team was spamming ‘together’ ‘help’ and ‘follow me’ and his teammates actively ignored him.

    Skill actually matters now. I also get matched against NML guys, and they’re not so tough. Often I don’t even realise, until I check their profile at the end — it just feels like I killed some newb. Other times there will be someone on the other team who plays a really strong game, and they’re just a Master 1 or Ace 3 guy.

    I think that the current matchmaking for casual is pretty awesome. The fact that it no longer rewards players for being a Level 50 in Warrior League, I consider a good thing.
  4. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    There is definitely a case to be made for disincentivizing bad behaviour and rewarding skill here. And I agree, though it feels a little stale for players who are skilled but are held back by their team and vice-versa, it's actually mostly a good thing.
    And I do understand why people find it to be a bad thing, don't get me wrong. It suuuucks to be that guy who knows the right strat for winning the game only to have noobs going rambo. But hey, that's basically Ranked as well lol :D :p
  5. JoshW

    JoshW Well-Known Member

    17 Aug 2018
    You have some valid points here.
    I guess I should've provided a little background on myself in the op: I'm an Ace1 in a level 41 ship and I have no problem dealing with nightmare players because I have the skill to compete with their gear.. that's not the problem.
    The problem comes when the level 50 warriors and gang don't have the necessary skill to compete against a higher tier opponent (as an example: watching these guys try to hit a speeder with a mortar without even attempting to lead the shot).

    If I win a match it's typically because I carry my team as you said, so why should they be rewarded for riding my coattails to victory?

    I suggested matching by league since essentially infamy is the metric for skill in this game. They could be kitted with T5 legendaries but can't hit the broad side of a barn, why should they compete against opponents with equal gear AND a greater skill level? It just doesn't seem right.
    If they are being matched against higher skilled opponents with lesser gear it would be closer to a fair fight.
    TheAntiSnipe likes this.
  6. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    This is the exact issue in ranked as well. Personally I prefer fair matches over short wait otherwise I'm at a loss as to the purpose of this game.
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