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Make a rival chat

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Elothean, 15 Jan 2018.


rival guild chat

  1. yes!

    5 vote(s)
  2. no!

    4 vote(s)
  1. Elothean

    Elothean Active Member

    19 Jul 2017
    It would be more fun to be able to interact with your rival guild, how else can you taunt them hahaha!
  2. Ash KOT

    Ash KOT MVP

    30 Aug 2017
    Hmm, sounds good in your head but noithing positive will come of this.
    Its bad enough with rival guilds poaching players etc, let alone giving them a facility to taunt and mock each other.
  3. FDR's Think Tank

    FDR's Think Tank New Member

    17 Jan 2018
    Limit it like battle communications. It's not like they can't already try friending you and starting an private conversation. If people have 12 preset things they can spam a rival channel with (directing them to rival faction members even...) It would serve as a vent for each team without getting particularly nasty. Maybe it could have a "suggest custom rival battle" function, so taunts can escalate to people leaving it all out on the battlefield, as Odin intended.

    Make the taunts unique to Battle Bay, related to infamous items or game elements. No suggestions. I have no idea how they might be interpreted.

    Or make them Battle.net and Diablo puns.
  4. wreck your day

    wreck your day Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2017
    Enforcer! And future ultimate selfish fixer >:D
    somewhere, nowhere, and everywhere
    This would be great! But I don't think it will be added because of bad-tempered people cursing at each other :(

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