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Last update 2.8 is very very bad!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by shay, 26 Feb 2018.

  1. shay

    shay New Member

    18 Nov 2017
    Hello, my name is Shai. I've been playing the game for about a year and I want to tell you that the latest update you distributed just ruined the game. Since the last update the game feels much slower, you have destroyed the exp. cannon (not clear why). You just changed the rules in the middle of the game. You took off the roof at one of the stages.(wayword)Feels like you've done everything to strengthen the owners of the mortars and weaken the one holding the exploding cannon. Why download the roof in the wayword way ?? What was wrong with the previous version ??? If everything is normal, then why repair ??
    Why to help with aiming with moving target?? This should be at the gamer control. And this is thd diffrence between good and bed player. I just want you to know that what I'm saying is not just my feeling, but the feeling of hundreds more players !! Hope you will take the attention and give us the experience of the game we had so far. Thanks Shai
  2. The Afenogaster

    The Afenogaster Well-Known Member

    31 Jul 2017
    Bbay player / free time artist.
    Madrid, Spain
    Explosive cannon was just Overpowered before! Nightmare speeders with the explo flare combo were able to deal massive dmg and the other close range weapons such as blast, carronade or grenade had no chance compared with the explo. TheY didn’t think about defenders, those who used dual explo and flare now feel very slow because they only have 3 weapons to control not like most of the other boats with 6 ore more.

    Wayward pains “nerf” was needed, a lot of mortar users ware complaining about it. Me , as a speeder It was one of my favorite maps, no mortars to worry about. But you have to understand that a shooter with 3 mortars/firebombs/napalm could only use 2 weapons until the high ceeling area, as you already know, this game is intended for the freedom of the player setups, there has always been combos that were overpowered or others underpowered so there is nothing “bad” for this update, just players complain because the item they use is nerfed, for example, I use Tesla bolt and the cooldown went from 13,3 to 18 segs, I am not pissed because of that, because now T bolt spammers won’t succeed and I (and the rest of “tactical” bolt users) will thieve!
  3. shay

    shay New Member

    18 Nov 2017
    Mortars owners have many maps with open waves and i didnt complain about that. That was the only map that diract cannons has advantage on mortars. Not only that if you notice the waves in wayward map are also higher. Why???? There is not enough maps with big waves??? The mortars owners take adventage of that and bombing me from down town and im not complaning. About the exp. Cannon: if the problem is the combinayion with flair gub, so thay should take care of that but no to reduce the range and cool down!!!
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  4. SlayerofSergeants

    SlayerofSergeants Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2018
    They didn't think about defenders AT ALL. The nerf is crippling to explosive cannon users. Cooldown AND Range. WTF were they thinking? EC's are broken.

    I've settled into a rut, 400 infamy below my average. Insult to injury, got kicked out of nightmare yesterday.

    I had a pearl diver continuously since May or June of last year, and made several other bonus package purchases. As of now, I've stopped buying anything on this game for RL money.

    Rovio screwed the defenders with this one. :mad:

    To those who suggest using another weapon... Screw you! Lemme just jump into the inventory screen and max out another T4 epic real quick. As though it's that easy!
  5. TheAntiSnipe

    TheAntiSnipe MVP

    11 Jun 2017
    Classified top secret ;-)
    Can someone PLEASE understand what made excannon "OP"? Midgamers got hit hard due to this nerf. Why? Excannon reaches it's OP levels at a point where most players are at endgame levels, and is NOT OP in midgame. I'm at Bhurt 23, Ace 2. Excannon is 715 at max with an ENTIRE TALENT RESHUFFLE. Blast is at 699. And I'm running a "glass cannon build" on Bhurt, supposed to maximise damage at the cost of health. Excannon was perfectly balanced here.

    But no. Every player is NML, and totes t5 epics with maxed Bhurt training.

    Jeez. At least ask for nerfs responsibly.
  6. Neu

    Neu Member

    10 Jan 2018
    What makes Ex cannon OP?
    It's most dodgeble cannon in the bay and it took me alot of times and practice to even hit accurately with it. I'm not even mad if I got hit with ton of dmg from it. Instead of me rant about the OPness of this weapon, better I just sh*t that person with his/her super accurate.

    Lot of Nightmare player used it = lot of skilled player used it. Rarely meet anyone with it at lower infamy.

    75% splash dmg reduction already fair enough for me, at least RN I took more seriusly to aim for solid hit for 100% dmg instead.

    Seriously got bored already with pitying noob player instead of rewarding skilled player. Plus I kinda miss having good laugh while able to dodge incoming big trop while getting froze before. That combo basicly death from nerf.
  7. Spinners71

    Spinners71 Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2017
    Sick rhyme
  8. Miku Da Yo 39

    Miku Da Yo 39 Well-Known Member

    29 Jun 2017
    I learned a new trick, if you stay 25+ range away from players, even nightmare players miss you 90% of the time with ex cannon or blast or whatever. Sniper always hits.
  9. Vile Kyle

    Vile Kyle Member

    15 Jun 2017
    And as you stated I’ll simply now use all sniper canon since I can hit from across the board lol
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  10. Hokuse

    Hokuse Well-Known Member

    31 Aug 2017
    Devs wanted to make them two different weapons, not just with slot points. Previously exp was too good than blast and now they are two different weapons. If you want more dps on single enemy, then you can use blast. If you want more tactical damages to enemy groups and split them out with AoE damage, then you can use exp.

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