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Items FAQ

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by Bennunator, 5 Apr 2017.

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  1. Bennunator

    Bennunator Moderator

    3 Apr 2017
    Parts: Upgrade material used to level up items
    Power Cells: Upgrade material used to evolve items
    Item Piece: A fraction of an item. Each one has a rarity and a slot color. 10 of the same item piece can be combined into a random Item of the same rarity and slot color.
    Scrap: Destroys an item in order to get Parts, Powers Cells and Item Pieces

    How do I level up my item?
    • Press LEVEL UP in item info.
      • Leveling up an item costs Parts and Sugar.


    How do I evolve my item
    • Items can be evolved at levels 10, 20, 30 and 40.
      • Each Evolution requires an Evolution talent from a specific Crewmember
      • Evolution costs Power cells, Sugar and an EVO I item with the same name and rarity as the one you are evolving. For IV->V you need 2 evo 1 items.

    How do I scrap an item?

    Press SCRAP in the item info => see what you will get => press SCRAP


    Where do I get Parts?
    You can get Parts from scrapping, opening boxes, the shop and the daily battle bonus.

    Where do I get Power Cells?
    You can get Power Cells from scrapping items and opening boxes.

    Where do I get Items?
    You can get Items from opening boxes and by combining Item Pieces.
    Where do I get Item Pieces?
    You can get Item Pieces from scrapping items, opening boxes and the shop

    How do I combine Item Pieces?
    • Press Combine in Item Piece info
      • Requires 10 item pieces and 2 power cells of the same rarity
    FAQ Extra: Why did we change the item game.

    New players did not understand fusing
    The majority of new players never fuse anything after the tutorial. We have players fighting hundreds, even thousands of battles without ever upgrading their items.

    Upgrades were too few and far between
    Players who fused optimally were hoarding items in inventory for a long time and then upgrading in big batches to utilize the fusing combo bonus. We wanted a system where it is always a good idea to upgrade an item whenever you can afford to.
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