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Infamyl problem

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Inquiries' started by Queen BEBO, 26 Feb 2019.

  1. Queen BEBO

    Queen BEBO New Member

    26 Feb 2019
    Plz make game fare... Why only player like me who play honestly. They continue loose infamy...
  2. PallabKumarS

    PallabKumarS Active Member

    22 Jan 2018
    Thats how its is..try to play one or two days before the season ending and through out the whole season play casual...
    No matter how good and honestly you play l,when u get this idiot teammates you are gonna loose...
    Ash KOT likes this.
  3. Radar O Reilly

    Radar O Reilly Active Member

    28 May 2017
    I deciced I can't pay for this game any more. Not until this fixed.

    The infamy system is broke at the moment. There are two issues as I see it. First, matches are made based primarily on gear score. Rovio had to do this to make match ups fair. However, as your infamy goes down for some reason and you go back to winning 50% of the time your infamy wont go back up. You have to star winning more than 50% of your games. Given you are always matched up with the same players over and over unless you are a pretty darn good player you aren't going to see a big recovery in your infamy. You wont be in the higher leagues. Your rewards will be less and less over time.

    I switched my boat, wasn't playing well, lost a lot of games and now I am playing about 50% which means I'm about dead even with those I play against.

    My infamy is around 500, my gear score is 10,000. I am playing against players between 2200 and 3700, My infamy shoudl be somewhere in that range but I can't get it to rise because of who I'm matched against.

    Infamy just isn't fair. If you dont' want to risk losing infamy I suggest using casual mode (I've never played it) to clear guild quests and only use your best boat and load out in ranked mode.

    What I am very upset and mad about is I seem to have no way to get my infamy back up, my rewards are going to remain low. I used to pay for VIP so I would get better bonuses and stuff but not any more. My rewards from a battle really are very poor now. The only thing I am trying to do right now is figure out how to player speeder. Its a very fun boat and I win about 50% of the time now against players with much more infamy than me. I will never get back to where I as in Ace 1 / 2.
  4. xBonk

    xBonk Active Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Welcome to my problems also...lol

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