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Infamy based on performance?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by DerrickRose, 10 Jan 2019.

  1. DerrickRose

    DerrickRose Active Member

    7 Jun 2017
    Is it right?
    I get same -23 infamy with the freakin floater
  2. SlayerofSergeants

    SlayerofSergeants Well-Known Member

    16 Feb 2018
    In my limited play time this morning, I saw an unfriend who had top damage for his team by a considerable amount get -25 infamy vs his compatriots that got -24. He represented the middle of the unfriend infamy as well (wasn't highest/lowest). Note that this was shown in the final battle screen. When reviewing in battle log, he showed -24 just like everyone else.
  3. Su-57

    Su-57 Well-Known Member

    20 Nov 2018
    maybe new system will start after this session end in 2-3 days .

    then we may have Infamy battles with multiple ships and respawn . Infamy may based on performance .
  4. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    There's one posted in the announcements section where the lowest contributor on unfriends, nearly floater level contribution for the loss yet got the least deduction. Seems to be working opposite of expectations.

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