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Your Voice In Game MODeration - What is it and how can I become a MOD?

Discussion in 'FAQs & Guides' started by The Grim Repair, 6 Nov 2018.

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  1. The Grim Repair

    The Grim Repair Community Manager

    26 Sep 2017
    Dear Battlers!

    It is time to formerly introduce our in game moderation crew - they have worked really hard on learning the ropes, getting your feedback and most of all helping you to make our chat rooms an even friendlier and safer place to be! I am very proud to have them on board :)

    Our current MOD crew:
    • Ash KOT [forum MVP as well]
      Main ship: Shooter
    • CaffeinatedChris [forum MVP as well]
      Main ship: Fixer
    • HelpICantSwim [the best* forum MVP]
      Main ship: Speeder
      Discord ID: Help I Cant Swim#3779
      *sneaky edit :p
    • TheAntiSnipe [forum MVP as well]
      Main ship: Speeder/Enforcer
      Discord ID: TheAntiSnipe#2508
    • • WarHawk •
      Main ship: Shooter
      Discord ID: Nicolas#3836
    • Desiré
      Main ship: Fixer
      Discord ID: Des#7449
    • Shocky
      Main ship: Fixer
      Discord ID: Shocky#1218
    • +++Sascha85+++ [German chat]
      Main ship: Fixer
      Discord ID: +++Sascha85+++#9979
    More info about the current crew will be added soon so you can get to know them :)
    Honorable Mentions:
    • YerJokinArnYer [forum MVP as well] - is taking a break!
    What do Moderators do and why do we need them?
    We are a players-for-players community! That means all our MODs are volunteers from within the community; veteran players, who love to help others and are very dedicated to collaborating together!
    With 25 global chat channels in game and soon also a Dutch chat (Grim cheers) - we want to provide the best experience we can, so everyone - established and new players alike - can feel in a safe harbor and friendly environment. The community is all of YOU so you are in charge of making it the best BAY there is!

    Quick description of what MODs do in a nutshell:
    • Helping out fellow battlers with knowledge and endless wisdom of the ocean from the Bay
    • Guiding new players into the game and answering questions about the game, rules and behavior
    • Diffusing heated situations calmly whenever possible, because battle belongs in the Bay not the global chats!
    • Moderating chat that violates our "Battle with Pride" code of conduct
    • Being part of our dedicated Discord MOD chat to discuss and share with fellow MODerators and Community Manager "The Grim Repair"
    How can I become a MOD?
    If you are interested in also lending a helping hand to your fellow battlers - please do apply by filling out >>>this form<<<
    Due to a large amount of responses within 72h the form is now closed. It might open again in the future.
    Every one who expressed their interest will be put on a shortlist and we will get back to those we consider most closely! Thank you everyone so much for your heart-warming responses!

    Update as of Nov. 15th: We aim to have a short list of new moderators to join the crew by end of this month!

    What do we consider behavior in game chat we would moderate?
    Most of that is covered in our "Battle with Pride" code of conduct , however, a few highlights are:
    1. No bullying!
    2. No political or religious discussions (global chats are for game and light discussions - take private discussions to private chat)
    3. No hate speech!
    How do I report or protect myself against chat misconduct?
    • Use the BLOCKING function in game, available on every player profile and effective immediately. You can also toggle it off again. It means that you won't see that person's chat
    • Talk to a MOD that is online or PM them on Discord
    • Use the reporting function in game, available on every player profile so our crew will look into it and take appropriate action
    • PM "The Grim Repair" - me, your friendly (and also very grim) community manager on Discord!
      [My Discord ID is: TheGrimRepair#9475]
    Any questions? Let me know! Otherwise: BATTLE ON - and with PRIDE!



    As of 20th of December please welcome two more in game moderators to our crew!

    Medic*AmrlNad and Sea Spirit

    I am very delighted that we got so many applications to be a mod and all your interest us really heart warming. For everyone who really wanted to help out: remember you can always be a good role model, help each other out and there is always the possibility of a new opportunity next time!

    Let’s take good care of each other and continue to grow this awesome community -
    Happy holiday wishes!

    Last edited: 21 Dec 2018
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