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Idea for better Matchmaking

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Su-57, 27 Jan 2019.


What you guys think ?

  1. It will work

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  2. Good idea

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  3. Not perfect but acceptable

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  4. Not gonna work

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  1. Su-57

    Su-57 Well-Known Member

    20 Nov 2018
    Rovio already have a decent system for better match making they are not using it .

    if you want to fleet with someone but if infamy difference is 800+ then you can't fleet . you have to be in the range but then why we get battles against players who are 1000+ infamy higher . like i am at 1k infamy 1060 exactly but sometimes i get battle against ace players . i think something need to be changed in match making .

    I think they should use Fleet system for match making . i know its not perfect but still the can have some decent match making if the use this system . then in a battle all players will only have 800 infamy difference or they can even make it 500 .

    then a 1k infamy will not gonna face 2k infamy . same about higher ranked . then people will know they will have all decent level players in battles .

    ( I know this game may not have much players anymore but Rovio can get more players if they make gaming experience better and simplify it little bit . and put some ads like Angry birds games have . i have never seen advertising of Battle bay on any platform but have seen angry bird ads lots of other games and social media . )
  2. envylife

    envylife Well-Known Member

    17 Jun 2017
    Prior to this last bug, matches would only have the 800 Infamy spread. I saw it widen to 900 more recently, but now it's lost its mind. The only reasonable matchmaking system uses a deviation amongst all ships at no more than 10%. Everyone within 10% Infamy would pit you against opponents 900-1100 Infamy, but never more than 100 spread in any given match. Wouldn't you rather have that?

    The big drawback is that you can only fleet with players within 10% of your Infamy. If there were no real constraints to fleeting how would matchmaking work? For example if you wanted to fleet with a 1500 Infamy player, what would the rest of the match participants look like? Would that broaden the included match players to 500 Infamy deviation, anyone from 1000-1500? That would potentially make it unfair for many participants.

    Fleeting is a big issue when trying to come up with fair matches. I'm perfectly fine with the current system, where if you at 1k infamy fleet with a 1500 Infamy, then the match deviation is based on the highest fleet partner...1350-1650 for the rest of the participants. You might be at a disadvantage, and so would your team. Is it worth it?

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