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I just saw a new event posting and I hope Grim reaper can read my article

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by DerrickRose, 28 Feb 2019.

  1. DerrickRose

    DerrickRose Active Member

    7 Jun 2017
    I'm not against your new event planning (Maybe not you) and effort, but this is not the right path.
    Can you guys only focus on fixing this idiot freakin matchmaking issue? Didn't you read all the complaints that were written by old users?
    Maybe it's just my own opinion but we want the core issues to get fixed and stop wasting your time for adding more crappy events.
  2. Jenarall

    Jenarall Member

    28 Aug 2017
    The Royal Caribbean.
  3. Jillycut

    Jillycut Member

    8 May 2017

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